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Title: The Game – Kirsten Backhard
Author: Shawnté Borris
Publication Date: 27th September 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Kirsten Backhard is a highly respected senior negotiating executive who plays with some of the most powerful men in her field.

She is confident, sexy and hell on heels. She fights with a straight face, doesn’t back down easily and she has no scruples about using her ASSets to get the deal done her way.

Kirsten loves the thrill of toying with the game in a man’s world. She is in control of both her professional and personal life, until one heartbreaking night changes everything and for the first time she starts losing.

Can Kirsten negotiate the game of love as well as she does at work? Can she play a love-em and leave-em game as well as a man does?

Or did she already lose when her heart was dealt to the one man who broke it?
Contains crude language, sexual intercourse, and really bad jokes.

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“First of all, Mother, it is called a sperm bank, not a
sperm bar.” I cannot believe I am having this
conversation right now. “And where did you get this
information from?”
Max looked over at me, smirking.
“Why does it matter where I heard it from? What
will people think?” cried my mother.
“Fuck! Mom, no one is gonna care where or how I
get a baby.” I want to crawl into a hole and die. “Mom,
you wouldn’t by any chance be talking to Marie, would
you? Is that where all this came from? Did she tell you
I’m planning to go to a sperm bank? Or did she tell you
I should think about going to a sperm bank?”
“That’s not the point, Kirsten. The point is that it’s
time for you to settle down and think about having a
family. You need to be more like Marie,” my mom
“Like Marie? My sister, Marie? The one who wears
yoga pants and ponytails everywhere and has a kid
attached to her hip? No, thanks. Don’t get me wrong,
Mom. I love Marie, but I’d rather not schedule in sex

The Game by Shawnte Borris
Review by Mary Beth
4.75 Stars
“This is a man’s world."
Well no one told that to Kristen Backhard. She is a sexy beautiful woman with a take no prisoner attitude which suit her just fine, especially since she is a Senior Negotiating Executive. She isn’t afraid to be herself and is thankfully a strong yet vulnerable woman who is comfortable in her own skin. This book follows Kristen and her group of family and friends through what seems like a lifetime but in reality is a short blip of time.  
During this time we have Betrayal and heart break, Family issues (her mom is nuts), love and romance, life and death, forgiveness, some more love and romance, hot steamy sex, and endless possibilities. I found myself laughing so hard my sides hurt, envious of the love and friendship these characters have, wanting to knock some sense into her mother, wanting a twin so I could have that bond, covering my mouth in shock while saying “Oh my god!” and crying because something beautiful and terrible happened at the same time (thanks for that *sniffle sniffle*). I was emotionally exhausted by the end of this story.
The only thing that I was disappointed I didn’t see in this story was a conflict resolution between Kristen with the misunderstanding,  I also would have liked to have known what happened to the plane. There were also some typos and grammatical errors but it wasn’t enough to take away from the story.
I am very excited to find a new author that I will be following especially since there is going to be another story that follows the same group of friends. Hopefully it will be in the same style of the multiple POV’s throughout the book.

 All about the Author: Shawnté Borris

Shawnté lives in central Alberta, with her husband Ricky of 10 amazing years and together they have two beautiful children. Somehow her husband has managed to trick her into running a cow/calf operation. As much as she fusses about it, she loves it.
When Shawnté is not sitting at her kitchen table hammering away on her laptop while watching the moose chase her cows across the yard, yes this really happens. Then she is busy attend school activities, community events and chauffeuring children here and there. She is big on playing softball and watching hockey.
When the time comes to relax, you will find her snuggled underneath her down comforter reading on her Ipad. Wait…who are we kidding, if the dishes, vacuuming, laundry or the bathrooms needs a hose down, you’ll always hear her say, “Just after this chapter.” She doesn’t have a favorite author or best story because everyday she falls in love with someone new.
Shawnté is technology challenged so you won’t find her on twitter (heaven knows she tried) or instagram – whatever this stuff is called. But she can work one hell of a Facebook page  thanks for her fictitious assistant Lacy. Please go like her page and leave a review/star rating on the books she’s wrote.

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