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Savannah Series Boxed Set By Danielle Jamie ~*~*~ Blog Tour and Review

*Danielle Jamie does it right with the Savannah Series, an absolute must read for those of us who love the romance, love the happily ever after and the journey that we all have to go through to get there. A beautiful build up through each book, you're not left wondering, you just enjoy the ride.~5 Star Amazon Review*

It is exciting when you see things like this written by people who love to read. We are excited to bring this blog tour of Danielle Jamie's Savannah series for this reason. She has received over 430 *5* star reviews! WOW. If you are into romance then this series is for you.

After suffering a humiliating heartbreak Savannah Livingston gave up on love, in a bid to protect her fragile heart and rebuild her now shattered life.  
Her Desires are awoken when she encounters the sexy and intriguing Kayden Knox who flips her world on its axis. They forge an irresistible connection entangled with sensual pleasures and an inferno of passion. 
Kayden Knox has found the woman of his dreams, after enduring a few of life’s many tragedies he finally has true love. But not everyone is happy for the new couple, throwing obstacles in their path testing the strength of their newfound love. When they think they’ve jumped over every hurdle that’s come their way, an inescapable tragedy strikes unexpectedly rocking Savannah and Kayden to their very core. 
After going through a terrifying tragedy Savannah has to rebuild her life with the help of her rowdy group of supporting friends and Kayden who also has to face the demons of his past; exposing the secrets he keeps close in order to build a new indestructible future with Savannah. 
Take the journey with Kayden and Savannah as they fight to overcome incredible odds, obstacles, and terrifying ordeals to find an infinite love like no other.

Before my feet can touch the sand, Kayden wraps his arms around my waist, lifting me off of the ground. “Oohhhh!” I shout as he carries me down the beach. Within a few seconds, we’re down to the water, and Kayden is quickly unzipping my dress. I step out of it as it pools around my feet, quickly shimmy out of my panties and kick them off beside my dress.
“Meet ya in there!” Kayden shouts as he races by me, diving into the ocean.
Letting out a small laugh, I make my way down to the water. My ribs are feeling a lot better, but not good enough to run around just yet. “Such a gentleman, testing the water for sharks before I come in.” As I step into the water, the warm waves crash against my ankles. My feet are slowly sinking in the sand as the waves wash back out to sea. 
“Well, now that ya know it’s safe, hurry your ass up and get over here!” Kayden’s southern drawl is so thick right now due to all the alcohol he’s consumed tonight. I love how sexy his voice is; every time he talks I just melt.
“Shut your pie-hole, I’m coming!”
“You’re not coming yet…but you will be in a few minutes, baby.” Kayden says matter-of-factly. I can’t control my laughter now. Between his sexy humor and all the hurricanes I’ve drank tonight, I feel like I’m riding on the biggest high of my life.
Making my way towards Kayden, I make it to about waist deep in the warm Caribbean water when he flashes me his megawatt smile, and dives under the water. “Oh, My God!” I scream, as I feel his hands on my ankles and slowly working their way up between my legs. My legs shake and threaten to give out as I feel Kayden’s lips between my thighs. I can see the top of his head now, so I run my fingers through his hair as it sways back and forth under the water.
Popping up for air, he kneels in the water and smiles up at me, licking his lips. “Mmm, now that is a mighty fine dessert, Miss Savannah.”
“You are insatiable!” I laugh.

Danielle Jamie is the Bestselling Author of Contemporary Romance for her Savannah Series. She has loved writing since she was a child, and would spend all her free time reading and writing short stories. As she grew older her passion for writing only became stronger. She assumed writing would only always be just a hobby, until one day she learned about self-publishing. She took a risk, wrote her first novel Irresistible Desire and published it. Now one year and five novels later she's a full time writer and traveling around the U.S. meeting fans all while living her dream as a full time author.


Savannah Series Boxed Set By Danielle Jamie
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5 

We all need a little Knox in our lives! 

Below you will find my reviews for each of the books in the Savannah series ... I LOVED IT! It was fun, scary, hot, irritating, and loving all at the same time. I love books that have characters that irritate the hero and heroine along with me everything can't be sunshine and rainbows the whole time! I hope you enjoy the whole series as much as I did! I see there is a Brooklyn series book listed on goodreads! I can't imagine what has made Brooklyn as wild as she is and I for one can't wait to read that series either!

Irresistible Desire (Savannah, #1) ~~ 5 of 5 stars 

How long can you fight the irresistible?

This is my first Danielle Jamie book and I really enjoyed it, I read it in two settings and just couldn't put it down. This is the first in the Savannah series and wow, it is hot and irresistible! It is fast paced and energetic. I love that not every second is described, the "later that night" or "3 days later", keeps it moving! The characters are described well and very relateable. And now a bit about the story...

Savannah has landed a killer job, she is an assistant editor at Envy magazine. A great opportunity for someone just out of college! Set in LA, Savannah is used to the media circus, having country signing stars for parents. She is excited to work for a well known magazine and not the paparazzi she is always trying to avoid. Her current assignment is to help her manager with the Most Influential Men of 2012 edition. Her social life is also booming she has been dating Logan for four years, her best friend Brooklyn has been by her side for years, and Reagan, who she works with, rounds out her close group of friends. Except Brooklyn can't stand Logan, as the reader I'm not sure I like him either... in fact I swear when she decides to surprise him late one night, after a night of clubbing with Brooklyn, I'm sure he won't be alone... Give this book a try and see what you think of Logan and the gorgeous men being featured in the Most Influential series!

Favorite passages: 
- "Yeah, he's freaking hotter than hot, but he has the personality of a ninety year old man," she says, rolling her eyes.
- She keeps perfectly composed while schmoozing with some of the most famous and not to mention, gorgeous, men in the world. This is a skill I have yet to acquire; turning into a clumsy, stuttering mess every time a young stud enters the room.
- "I hope these flowers can bring a smile back to your angelic face. He is a fool to let you get away."
- I will probably regret this decision tomorrow because I know I'm playing with fire, and when you play with fire, you know you're going to get burned. Right now I just don't care.

Inescapable Desire (Savannah, #2) ~~ 5 of 5 stars 

Escaping can be difficult at times ... will Savannah and Kayden escape all their problems? 

Danielle Jamie has another hit on her hands! This is the second book in the Savannah series and it picks up right where the first one left off, with Logan standing at her door in Galveston. There is love, hate, laughter, and evil - ooh and don't forget the chocolate covered strawberries - Kayden does spoil Savannah something fierce! I will tell you these stories do continue so make sure you read book 1 first and you may want to buy/download them all at once, because when you get to the end of book 2 you will be wanting book 3 right away. As you know, no spoilers from me, but I need to get this review out before I can start the next one ;) ... and now a bit about the story!

Logan, slime of the Earth, has the nerve to follow Savannah to Texas trying to get her to come back to him. Claiming his cheating ways were an addiction. Savannah busts his nose and with the help of a new neighbor Logan leaves for now. As Kayden and Savannah test out their new relationship both of their jealous ex's will do anything to break them up... but the ex's aren't the worst of their fears. Give this book a try to discover the fun of falling in love at Christmas and the fear of the unknown when what you least expect hits you square in the heart...

Favorite Passages:
- I have to hold back the urge to kick him in the balls.
- In an ironic way, Kayden was an angel, he saved me ... helped me to feel again.
- "He must be really good in bed to have that much self-confidence!"
- "Oooh, well my body is sore from all that walking around, so a relaxing soak in the hot tub sounds wonderful! Especially since it sounds like I'm going to be gettin' quite the workout tonight. One problems, I'm not wearing a bikini?" Kayden lets out a deep husky laugh as a sinful smile danced across his lips, "Baby, we're goin' in our birthday suits..."
- When you find the one, you will just know. You will feel it deep in your soul, that connection. The missing piece of yourself that you never knew was missing until you find it.
- I let out another laugh as he cusses, saying the pool stick is faulty. "Sorry baby, but I think it's you and not the pool stick. You shouldn't drink that many beers and expected to win a game of pool!" "Shush woman, it's definitely the pool stick. I think Braxton tampered with it!" He says letting out a deep chuckle, his Southern twang even thicker when he's drunk. It's so adorable.
- Men, no matter what the age, never outgrow their love for their toys.
- "I do like the sound of that, the best kiss... by the last man I'll even kiss."

Indestructible Desire (Savannah, #3) ~~ 5 of 5 stars

Even the most solid relationship has it's rocky days ... are Savannah and Knox Indestructible?

You keep me coming back Danielle Jamie!! This is the third book in the Savannah series ... warning if you haven't read the series yet, this review will give away spoilers from previous books, but not this book! Continue reading based on your location in the series ;)

This book picks up right where the last one left off, with Kayden pacing in the ER. We continue to learn more and more about the Savannah series characters and get to follow them to two great beach escapes. We even get to seem a reappearance of the villains Giselle and Logan - you'll never guess what they are up to now... and now a bit about the story...

It is days before Savannah regains consciousness and Kayden almost goes crazy worrying. He has already hired extra security until Zak can be caught. Savannah becomes fearful of going out in public and her dreams, or rather nightmares, keep her from sleeping more than a few hours at a time. She starts seeing a psychiatrist who suggests a group session for her and Kayden. Kayden finally opens up about the woman who broke his heart ... I had a feeling who it was, but wasn't sure. Between Kayden opening up and Savannah's visits and time, she starts to feel more secure and heads to LA for the cover reveal of his Envy edition. Of course it can't go smooth - what fun would that be :) Give this book a try to see the continuing problems Savannah and Kayden face and find out who Brooklyn's heart is leading her towards...

Favorite passages:
- My sweet Savannah always finds a reason to smile, even when she has every reason to cry. It's one of the many things about her that I love. She's a ray of light that has found a way inside my dark and lonely heart.
- He's like a drug; I can't get enough of him. He's a sweet addiction that sends me on the highest if highs that I never want to come down from.
- Breaking me from my thoughts, the old man nudges me with his elbow, "If she loves you as much as I can see you love her, I think she'd say yes if you asked her to marry you with a gumball machine ring."
- Watching Brooklyn attempt to surf is by far the most entertaining thing ever. There's a dog riding a surfboard that is doing better than her!
- Kiss my check, he whispers in my ear, "I hope Knox understands how lucky he is Savannah, because you are a priceless diamond."

Infinite Desire (Savannah, #4) ~~ 5 of 5 stars 

To Infinity and ...

And the Savannah series continues! This is the fourth book in the series ... warning if you haven't read the series yet, this review will give away spoilers from previous books, but not this book! Continue reading based on your location in the series ;)

... Beyond! I love how these books just keep going - glad I'm reading them in the box set though ... if I had to read them one at a time and wait I may pull my hair out! They said bad things happen in threes - for Kayden and Savannah they've had Zak and Nadia so far... so of course we have to have more, right? Join Savannah and Kayden as they fight from their engagement forward! And now a bit about the story...

Savannah has just heard the truth from Nadia, Kayden didn't sleep with her - duh! - I think she really knew deep down, but was just scared. Now she can't wait to get back to Kayden, problem is he is at a guys weekend in Vegas. Their reunion doesn't go quite as planned and both of their pasts come back to haunt them. I started to wonder if these two would ever make it down the aisle! But just as bad things came in threes good things come in threes for these two as well. Join them and see just what those good things are ;)

Favorite passages:
- "We've got to work on trust Savannah. We're nothing without it."
- "Love is a crazy, wonderful thing; you sometimes gotta take a chance and see where life goes."

Southern Desire (Savannah, #4.5) ~~ 5 of 5 stars 

Great Deleted Scenes and Alternate POVs 

Loved reading these deleted scenes and alternate points of view. This is book 4.5 in the Savannah series ... warning if you haven't read the series yet, this review will give away spoilers from previous books, but not this book! Continue reading based on your location in the series ;)

We all know Savannah and Kayden have finally had their happy ever after, but did you ever wonder what what going thru his head when he first met Savannah, or how nervous he was when he woke up alone or when proposing? Plus You get to follow Brooklyn and Dixon to the tattoo parlor after the Elvis wedding and find out what really happened with Jax and Rebecca the night of the engagement party.

I really enjoyed this series, it was fun, scary, hot, irritating, and loving all at the same time. I love books that have characters that irritate the hero and heroine along with me everything can't be sunshine and rainbows the whole time! I hope you enjoy the whole series as much as I did! I see there is a Brooklyn series book listed on goodreads! I can't imagine what has made Brooklyn as wild as she is and I for one can't wait to read that series either!

Favorite passages:
- No girl ever passed up a chance to be alone with me. I can tell she'll be a challenge, and I love a challenge.
- If I get lucky enough to have her, I know one time will never be enough. That scares the shit of me, but it's a risk I think I just may be okay taking.
- I want to experience every crazy, intense, blissfully happy moment with you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I'll live every day the happiest an in the world, as long as it's with you by my side. So baby, will you marry me?
- Until then, I'll just keep numbing the pain with my friend Jack Daniels.
- Dixon and Jax turn and look at us with a perturbed expressions, "When you two girls are done discussin' all that mushy shit, let me know, so I can help ya find your balls. I think I saw them roll over by the gas cans." Dixon says, loaded with sarcasm...

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