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RESISTANCE (Bloodlines #3) by K. Larsen ~*~*~*~ Blog Tour and Review

 RESISTANCE (Bloodlines #3)
(Sawyer's Story, Releasing Late 2014)
My name is Sawyer Crown, I own Bloodlines Tattoo Parlor, despise drama, and have a penchant for broken women. It's a habit I intend to kick.
The arrangement had been simple. Clara and I sleep together if and when we wanted too. We were always best friends first. We raised Allie together with love. Four years into it did people assume we were married- yes. Did people assume I was Allie's father- sure. Did I love every second of that- most definitely.
Then my world exploded. Clara left me. Moved on. I'm supposed to too. I just haven’t figured the moving on part out quite yet. The heart wants what it wants right? Or maybe the mind want what it wants for the heart. All of those scenarios are bullshit though. Clara went for the gold. She carved out the happiness she needed, wanted.
Now it’s my turn.



RESISTANCE (Bloodlines #3) by K. Larsen
Review by Angela
Stars: 5 

This is a contemporary-romantic-suspense book, the third book in The Bloodlines Series. This can be read as a stand alone, but I advise reading the first two books, this does pick up from the previous book Objective. K. Larsen supplies enough details you will understand the story, either way. I recommend this book for adults only. After reading the first two books I was anxious to see where life takes Sawyer and this story is all about him, his journey, from his point of view. Awesome... there is no other word for this story. I was addicted at "I adjust myself..." you are so cruel K... cruel I say. Pepper, is one fortunate girl, but she deserves it. I can not wait to find out what comes next. And I must add this book supports not drinking and driving. Thanks K.

This is Sawyers highly awaited story. Sawyer is the owner of Bloodlines Tattoo Parlor, daddy to Allie, with a stamp on his forehead... broken women please apply. He is trying desperately to stay away from turmoil. Somehow it seems to follow him. People change, relationships change, sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop it. Clara, she was his best friend, his lover, and the mother to the child he is helping raise. All those years down the drain, she up and left him, broken and alone. Well she got the happily ever after, something he wants, no deserves, the only problem is he wants her. A night of pleasure could be what he needs, maybe. Sawyer is in for a surprise the day Pepper Phillips brings him to his knees. Can she be the one to help him to get over Clara? Or is she everything he is trying so hard to stay away from?

favorite passages:
"Good Lord, this woman is going to kill me."
"I wish it was me whom made her look like that, feel like that, but it's not and I've accepted that... kind of."
"The whole day is poison to my soul." <3
"I am the motherfu*king king of the world right now."
"She's bossy. I like it."
"She's so broken."
"My mom says I'm full of sass."
"Ah I see. Mommy porn," I retorted.
"I am doing the biggest fist pump ever on the inside right now."
"I've been cockblocked, turned on, shot down, and offended by someone who's supposed to be a friend."
"I know and she can sense that I'm about to call bullsh*t."
"It doesn't change your soul."
"Tell me a truth," I say quietly as I bring her hand up to my mouth and gently kiss the inside of her wrist."
"You are the lightness to my dark."
"Dancing. Now, shh, don't be a moment ruiner."
"My heart, that mass of scarred tissue, beats." <3
"Lucky is an understatement. What he's given me, it is more than luck."

OBJECTIVE (Bloodlines #2)
My story started out cliché, good girl falls for bad boy, but one wrong move changed all that. Turns out the good girl doesn’t save the bad boy. My story goes from cliché to risqué to mind blowing. My story is different from all the others because the events of my story led me to one objective.
Remembering him comes in dreams and flashbacks that I can't control. I tell myself it’s time to let go...but moving on from him is impossible when I still see our lives in my head. 
When you kill your soul mate you don’t ever really recover. 
A year of trying to forget or rather move past it has taught me that you can't. Its an impossibility to move on from that kind of horrific form of betrayal. If you you’re too selfish or scared for suicide, like me, you learn to wake up every morning and follow routine. One foot in front of the other, day after day. 
Hollow. Lifeless. Haunted. Loving him was like the sun on a summer day. Living without him is like slowly burning to death. Torture.
A Bloodlines Novel. 
*Note Tug of War is the 1st in the Bloodlines books, each book can be read as a stand alone book.*
"I think this will definitely be a must read. K. Larsen has hit it out of the park with this little twisted story of Magnolia/Cypress. 5 Stars" -Author R.L. Griffin
"Edgy, raw, intriguing, absolute must read. One. Two. Three. Breathe. Four. Five. Six. ~5~ Truth or Lie? ~Adapt or die~ Stars"- Book Crush Book Blog
" This story deserve 5 stars, if not more, and I cant wait to get my hands on the next book by Ms. Larsen."-This Redhead LOVES Books Blog
"Myyyy godddd. This book is everything I love wrapped up in one amazing little package. It's got suspense, mystery, and some super crazy twists. It was one of the hardest books to put down that I've read in a LONG time." - I'll Be Reading Book Blog
"Wow, one of my favorites this year. A real page turner ...." -Magic Within The Pages Book Blog Trailer:
I have a weird addiction to goat cheese and chocolate martinis, not together though.
I adore my dog. He is the most awesome snuggledoo in the history of dogs.
I hate dirty dishes.
I like sarcasm and funny people.
I should probably be running right now... because of the goat cheese....and stuff.
I've been told I'm the mistress of Snark. I like that.
TUG OF WAR (Bloodlines #1)
Impulsive, YES. Irresponsible, SURE. Necessary, PROBABLY. Going to end badly, most likely. Does any of that matter to me, no. I decided that I can't please everyone so this week my only goal is to please me. I’m a selfish cow but I can’t seem to help it. I’m Clara Lord. I own Bloodline’s Tattoo Parlor, have a filthy mouth, no filter and a really strong objection to bossy idiots, pet names and wealthy men.
You will hate me, love me or love to hate me but either way it doesn’t matter. Everything I touch turns to crap and it’s all my fault. See, I lived through hell. Then I escaped hell and carefully spent the next eight years crafting a perfect little life until Domini Napoli screwed it all up. Now nothings right. Everything’s wrong and all my secrets are coming out.
Tug Of War has been voted:
Top 3 of 2013 list from Book Junkie Girls
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TARGET 84 (Bloodlines #4)
(Bentley's Story, Releasing Early 2015)
My first kill was at sixteen. One might think that’s young but I'd been trained for two years before I was allowed to execute a human target on my own. I won’t ever forget him. Jackson Manning was testifying in a human trafficking case and someone didn’t want him to be heard.  I'd been sloppy and careless, but excited and if I'm honest, a little turned on too. I’d found myself rather curious staring at his unmoving body. I’d been scolded for my carelessness but it didn’t matter. I’d had a taste of the real thing and I thirsted for more. My desire, my obsession took on a new form that day. It wasn’t a goal I was working towards anymore, it was tangible now. 
It is my life.
I am an assassin. I don't know my targets or why they're targeted. I am commissioned to kill without question and I am paid grandly for the service I provide. I get a text with a name and an address. I watch them. I wait. I become who I need to be. I seduce them if necessary to get close enough to execute. 
I love my job, or  loved my job. Everything changed when I was assigned: ATF Agent Bentley James, last known location Christiansburg, VA.

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