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Officer in Pursuit (Lock & Key #3) by Ranae Rose ~*~*~*~*~ New Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway

Secrets are what Kerry has lived and breathed for the past three years, and those secrets may kill her, if she’s not careful. Her new life in a coastal North Carolina paradise is haunted by her past and ruled by her number one goal: to not be noticed. Even if that means denying her attraction to Officer Grey Morgan, who’s set his sights on her beyond any doubts and despite all odds.

Grey has spent his summer in pursuit of Kerry, but what he doesn’t know is that nothing with her is as it seems and loving her comes with a price.

What she doesn’t know is that there’s no risk he won’t take, and no way he’ll let her fight her demons alone.

Book 3 in the Lock and Key Series

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Officer in Pursuit (Lock & Key #3) by Ranae Rose
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5

Never ending Pursuit?

I think this has been my favorite book in the lock and key series yet! I was wondering who the bad guy was going to be since the pesky brothers were no longer an issue. There was lots of humor, chasing (both by the good and bad guys), and passion. And now a bit about the story...

Now that Sasha and Alicia are paired up with two of North Carolina's finest prison guards, Kerry and Grey are the only two singles in their group of six left. Only problem is Kerry is very skittish. When she finally tells Grey to stay away with her lame excuse he refuses and continues to pursue her, in a good way. The same time her worst nightmare has returned and is pursuing her in a whole other fashion...

Favorite passages:
- “You’re free, because you decided to be.”
- “Staying in the hospital overnight, just because of a few stitches? No thanks.” He grabbed one of her hands and squeezed. “I have a reputation as a badass to maintain, remember?”
- “I always thought New Year’s resolutions were bullshit, but that was literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

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Officer Next Door (Lock & Key #1) by Ranae Rose
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5

She couldn't get him out of his uniform quick enough...

I loved the second story in the Lock and Key series!! There is lots of passion, a little gore, suspense and even a ghost. My favorite part was imagining Sasha running towards the woods in her bikini with her knife in hand. No one else would have brought a kitchen knife to a gun fight and been successful. And now a bit about the story...

Sasha finally got Henry in bed. Though the idea of a relationship with a man of so few words was starting to scare her. So as you can guess she runs off in the middle of the night. Now Henry is confused and finally makes up his mind to go to her when he comes across the wardens mutilated body hanging from the tree like a prize buck in hunting season. Henry knows this means Levinson is back and is looking forward to catching him. Can he balance his need for justice with his need to protect Sasha? Will she let him? She does have a very large knife...

Favorite passages:
- Her flirting was more akin to a contact sport than simple fun or teasing.
- Once you give someone a piece of your heart, that's it -- you don't get it back, and when they go, it goes with them.
- You didn't just tell someone you loved them and then stay up all night keeping watch, listening to a police scanner and cleaning your Glock.
- "Saying something doesn't make it true. If it did I'd e an independently wealthy billionaire living in a beachfront mansion. And you'd be my hired cabana boy, naturally."


Officer out of Uniform (Lock & Key #2) by Ranae Rose
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5

Mysterious, suspenseful, sexy, and complete with men in uniform! 

Great start to this new series by Ranae Rose. There are good ghosts, a somewhat friendly alligator, lots of hot men in uniform, and two murdering felons turned loose on the sleepy town of Riley, North Carolina. Whoops, I forgot the sassy friends, rescued dog, bridezillas, and I'm sure there is more I'm leaving out. I don't want to give away too much, so I'll just tell you a bit about the story...

Alicia is new the area, living quite a ways from town with only one close neighbor. One who doesn't close his bathroom curtains and the view is quite impressive. Except she always seems to be a clumsy, bumbling mess when she actually talks to him. Liam is the neighbor who also enjoys watching her shadow striptease behind her blinds each night. Once there is a break from the prison transport his protective instincts kick in high gear and then the sparks start flying high! You'll never guess who helps save our hero, but half will guess right at who breaks the felon's nose... Can't wait for the next one!

Favorite Passages: 
- She’d gotten home ten minutes ago and had banned herself from the kitchen, refusing to allow herself to spy on Liam’s after-work shower.
- Alicia was prepared to return him if a rightful owner showed up, but hoped one wouldn’t – she was already getting attached to him, even if he was a panty thief.
- And never, ever tuck your thumbs inside your fists – you’ll break them if you punch that way.”
- She didn’t always trip over things, though she probably had a fat chance of convincing him of that now.
- “Hey! Not all of us have to scheme to get female attention,”
- Bodies fitted so tightly together they might as well have been a lock and key.
- She shrugged. “Who cares? The handcuffs make up for it.”
- “Luck is just a step away from fate.”
- “Sometimes life takes a bad turn. And sometimes you get lucky. Fate – whatever you want to call it – takes over, and you live to do something stupid on another day.”

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Ranae Rose is the best-selling author of more than twenty adult romances and counting. 

Originally from Maryland, she grew up the daughter of a US Marine and always wanted to be a writer. Today she lives on the US East Coast with her man in uniform, young children, German Shepherd dogs and overflowing bookshelves.

Her love affair with the romance genre began as a teen when a classmate handed her a romance comic book. Instantly hooked, she read them during class behind her textbooks and under her desk. She hasn’t looked back since.

When she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys things like good coffee, travel  and fitness – especially pursuing her elusive goal of getting her husband to tap out on the jiu jitsu mats (no luck so far).

TWITTER: @Ranae_Rose

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