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Black Horse (Breaking Black #1) by Addison Kline ~*~*~*~ Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway

Author : Addison Kline
Genre : Romantic Suspense

"What would you do if the only man you ever loved was the son of the man that murdered your parents?"
In Addison Kline's fiery romantic suspense novel, Averi Ford's future collides with her past with ferocious intensity. Averi Ford and Colt McClain have loved each other since they were children. They both come from a broken past. Colt's mother died when he was young, and Averi's parents were taken from her at the tender age of five. The same man is responsible for both of their broken childhoods: Tom "Black Horse" McClain. He also happens to be Colt's father. Now twenty years after the crimes that fractured both of their hearts, Black Horse is getting out of jail and he's coming after the girl who testified against him: Averi, herself. Colt wants to hide her, but Averi refuses to run.
"Our past does not own us, and we owe it to our hearts to show the world that love can arise from the darkest of places. We just have to survive Black Horse to tell the tale." 

Black Horse Release Date will be May 28th



Black Horse by Addison Kline
Review by Angela
Stars: 5 

A story to make your heart race. Love of a lifetime

This is the first book in the Breaking Black series. This is a romance, love, suspense, with a touch of mystery. Can be read as a stand alone, but I personally want more. Hurry up Addison! I recommend this book to anyone whom loves an emotional book... tears, laughter, grieving, anger, love and hate... yes a roller coaster, Addison Kline has delivered an amazing book to keep you engrossed and I could not put it down. I really enjoyed the devotion that Colton has towards Averi. The love of a lifetime. I understood their grief and their passion. Not only does this book have a strong heroine but it has a couple of yummy men. I am usually a one book boyfriend girl but dang... there is so many to choose from in this book.

This book is about Averi, a woman whom has been through hell and back. She did not have a "normal" childhood, at the age of five she seen her parents and oldest brother murdered. And yes she knew the killer, Tom “Black Horse” McClain, fortunately her two other brothers were not home that night. So now she has to deal with overprotective brothers. And there is going to be some disagreeing between these three siblings. But regardless her heart wants what it wants, and that is the son of black horse, Colton McClain. They have been inseparable since they were little and they found love in the most horrible situation. And she is done arguing over him, her brothers once considered Colt a best friend, and she is tired of them blaming him for his fathers' actions. Besides they have bigger problems, Black horse is being released from jail and Averi is on his hit list, revenge for her testimony against him. She is determined not to hide and she wants to meet him face to face. But Colt, and her brothers, Randy and Tim have other plans. Will they all come together for Averi's sake? Can they stop Black Horse?

Favorite Passages:
"He set a fire under my skin that burned white hot with every smoldering glance."
" She loved to throw her riders off her back the first chance she got."
"You're gonna be the death of me, girl...."
"Sure we can.... You can be my dirty little secret."
"Same difference! Gossiping like an old woman! What's he sayin?"
"Sorry, but damn girl... You struck gold."
"He was her first friend, her first kiss, her first lover... You can't just walk away from a love like that."
"Eww! That's my brother you're talking about!"
"In her opinion, there are few things sexier than a man who knew how to really cook."
"I know I'm not perfect, but we're perfect together."
"Even if I am not with you, I will love you and guard you."
"Because you are a part of this family, my love."
"My love for her is madness, an incurable insanity."
"The sound was the most beautiful thing Averi had ever experienced in her life."
"For all the ones we've loved and lost, we live on honoring your memory, binding together and never letting go." <3
"She saw her future in his eyes."
"Even the devil has to pay his due."

 Addison Kline is an award winning, best selling novelist who writes mystery, psychological thrillers and romantic suspense novels. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, their sons and two rambunctious dogs. Addison has had a love affair with the written word since before she entered school. Her grandmother taught her the glory of taking an adventure in the pages of a book. When Addison isn't writing, you can find her reading, going for an adventure with her sons, or traveling with her family.

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