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A Pound of Flesh (A Pound of Flesh #1) by Sophie Jackson ~*~*~*~*~ Book Review

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A Pound of Flesh (A Pound of Flesh #1) by Sophie Jackson
Review by Wennie Conedy
Stars: 5 

The moment I started reading A Pound of Flesh, I had a very hard time putting this book down. I was immediately pulled into the story from the first paragraphs of the prologue. I knew then that this story would be something I would remember for a long time. There were instances when I truly wished that real life had a pause button, so I could continue to read Carter and Kat’s story uninterrupted.

Wes Carter and Kat Lane shared a violent past which left them both scarred, albeit in two different ways. Haunted by the vision of her father’s violent death, Kat decided to honor her promise to him and face her fears by signing up as a tutor at a New York penitentiary, Arthur Kill. When Wes Carter walks into her classroom, she faced the biggest challenge of her teaching career. Wes Carter, with his tattoos, sullen attitude, fiery and short temper was the last person she should be teaching, much less helping. But the undeniable attraction they have for each other leaves her no choice but to act and help him.

As they slowly learn to get to know each other, Wes is wrecked when he finds out who Kat Lane truly is and what she means to him. And when Kat discovers Carter’s involvement on the night of her father’s death, will she stay and forgive him? Or will she run and never see him again?

Both Carter and Kat have a lot going against them – stature, class, family, friends, background, and education. There are a lot of forces pulling them apart, the system, her family, his family, and his friends. There is so much they go through to be together, there are so many secrets that must be revealed and told before they can move forward. There is so much passion and heat between these two characters that this reader could not help but cheer them on and hope that they find their happily ever after.

Sophie Jackson has created two characters who will be very hard to forget. Their story remained me with me and days after I finished the book, I continued to feel the energy and passion of Kat and Carter around me.

A Pound of Flesh is a love story, but more than that, I see it as a story of redemption, hope, salvation, and survival. It is a story of a daughter’s promise, a friend’s loyalty, and a balancing of scales.

I am thrilled for Sophie Jackson as this is a brilliant debut of her writing career. I am sure you will agree, Carter and Kat’s love story is one that will be hard to forget.

** Many thanks to Gallery Books for providing an advanced copy for review.

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