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Mine Would Be You (Sweet Home Alabama #1) by Danielle Jamie ~*~*~*~*~*~ Blog Tour & Review

Title: Mine Would Be You
Series: Sweet Home Alabama
Author: Danielle Jamie
Release Date: July 20, 2015

Emelyn LaClaire was honored to be the Maid of Honor in her best friend’s wedding, but it came with a catch. She has to walk down the aisle with her ex fiancĂ©, Lawson McCoy. He's not just the Best Man; he's also her best friend’s brother, and she’s loved him since she was eight years old.

Emelyn has avoided any kind of contact with Lawson since the day everything fell apart during her sophomore year at the University of Alabama. Now, after four years of avoiding him, she's not just seeing him, she also has to walk down the aisle with him - the one man she dreamt of marrying almost all her life...

Lawson McCoy only has a single regret, and it's throwing away the one thing that was good in his life. When his sister, Delilah, and her fiancĂ©, Grayson, asked him to be the Best Man, it came with a stipulation. Do not in any way mess up their wedding. That’s easier said than done, especially when the one girl who would rather stick hot pokers in her eyes than look at him will be walking down the aisle beside him....

This is a second chance romance that is the perfect blend of ANGST-FILLED, EMOTIONAL & MELT YOUR KINDLE HOTTT MOMENTS!!!!
***This is a complete story! No Cliffhanger!***

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I am a hot mess. I am a smoldering, frustrated mess, because just his damn eyes are setting my body on fire. I swear I can feel his eyes on me as if they're caressing my body as they slide up and down my stumbling, blushing, hot mess self as he takes me in.

It’s been way too long since I’ve had a good and proper fuck.

Yes, I’m supposed to be a sweet southern belle, but it’s totally possible to be sweet and slightly naughty all at the same time.

I love sex…especially Lawson sex. No one has come even close to doing to my body what this man has done to me probably a million times before we broke up.
“Woah.” Wrapping his arms around me, he holds me against him, stopping me from falling flat on my face and completely embarrassing myself.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry.” I can only imagine how red my cheeks are right now. My hands are flush against his chest and I find myself loving the feeling of his body beneath them. I inhale deeply and breathe him in.

God, he smells amazing.

Laughing, he holds me tighter, making it clear he isn’t letting me go yet. He brings his mouth down to my ear and the feeling of his breath against my skin makes my body become blanketed in goose bumps. “No need to be sorry. I’ll gladly catch you anytime you fall.”

Ahh, hell.

My heart jumps in my damn chest as I imagine a little mini sledgehammer smashing away a tiny piece of the wall that’s been guarding my heart for the last four years.


Mine Would Be You (Sweet Home Alabama #1) by Danielle Jamie
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5 

Awesome Love Story!!

I loved these characters, they were believable and true. I can't imagine having to be in their shoes and it makes for an amazing story!! Do you believe in love at first sight? What about if you are 8 and 10 years old? Well for those of you who do believe you will love this story about Emelyn and Lawson! They hit a ton of bumps in the road to keep you interested and entertained over this 16 year journey. And now a bit about the story...

Emelyn meets Lawson when she is 8, when she is 16, before he leaves for college, they get engaged. Then a few years later disaster strikes, communication fails, and huge mistakes are made. Emelyn and Lawson continue to grow up and the sparks fly again when they are thrown together.

Favorite passages:
- Our relationship died the same day Lily did; we just let our love stay on life support a little longer, but I’m pulling the plug.
- Every day I woke up without Lawson beside me, I grew bitterer and hated him a little more.
- Our love was instant, all consuming, and what I thought would be the greatest love story of all time.
- “I was drowning in wedding crap and estrogen back at the house, so I called up Lawson to see if he wants to grab a couple beers and play a game of pool. I needed to get out and do something manly so I don’t feel like I’ve completely lost my damn balls.”
- “I’ll gladly catch you anytime you fall.”
- “If you call fainting and scaring the shit out of me a mild freak out, I’d hate to see a full-on freak out, girlfriend.”
- “Leave the door on the damn hinges, will ya?!”
- “Believe me. I look cool, calm, and collected on the outside—but on the inside, there’s a tsunami going on.”
- Those years of struggling and all that pain have taught us to appreciate each day we have, and especially cherish our time together.
- I find myself daydreaming for a few seconds about stealing his cup and drinking every last drop. But instead, I behave myself and turn my attention back to my own cup. Ohh, yum…decaf—said no one. Ever.
- Every day, I swear I fall a little more in love with him. All of the bumps along the way only make what we have together that much more beautiful.
- “You know I’m all for you channeling your inner Christian Grey—but I prefer that to stay in the bedroom,”
- “You know me, baby. I can’t waste a chance to get you wet or naked.”

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author who took a chance and wrote her first book in 2013. It was the beginning to a magical journey into the world of a published author with now 14 books available on ebook retailers sites!

Danielle Jamie is a contemporary romance author who loves getting lost in a good book or writing a memorable love story. Her most popular works are her Bestselling Savannah Series, her heart wrenching standalone Tempt my Heart and her steamy new taboo novellas in her Stepbrother Series!

She lives in Upstate NY with her husband, two daughters and son. She loves traveling and seeing the world all the while meeting her fans along the way at Author Events.

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