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Break Me & Craving You (TBX #1-#2) by Ashley Christin *~*~*~*~* Review Tour

Ashley Christin's TBX series 

Review Tour

Returning back for the spring semester of college, Brealynn and her best friend, Kelsey, are ready to start a new chapter. 

After the loss of their mother, Pro BMX rider Colt Taylor and his brother, Parker, hope to rebuild their lives by concentrating on competitions. 

One night brings them together.
One night shatters it all.
Can they survive the break?



Break Me (TBX #1) by Ashley Christin
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5

Can they survive the mean girl's attempt to break them...

Loved this new adult story! Reminded me of how much fun I had in college when troubles were still trouble, but much different. Though I can't imagine having to deal with mean girls today with all this technology... The leading ladies are strong, for the most part, and the men are hot, possessive, sporty, and about to turn a new leaf. And now a bit about the story...

Brea has just broken up with her two timing boyfriend from high school and is headed back to spring semester of her sophomore year in college. She is going to start fresh and single!! Excited to go out to party with friends, she runs into Colt Taylor, the one other boy who ever caught her eye. If only he wasn't a man whore... but he's been gone six months, people can change, right?

Favorite passages:
- “Crashes happen every day. You should really take a defensive walking course, though.”
- “Looks like you’ve made some new friends,” Nick states as he stands, sizing Tim up. “Looks like you’ve made some new enemies,” Tim replies, not intimidated in the least.
- The possessiveness I already feel for Brealynn scares me sh¡tless, but I’ll be d@mned if he comes back into her life before I have a chance to explore what we have.
- She makes me want to be a better person, but what’s that saying? ‘A tiger can’t change his stripes.' Well, grrr.
- “Whatcha doin'?” Kelsey plops down in the seat next to me on the couch. “Just taking a break between classes. You?”“Skipping. I hate speech. Clearly, I know how to speak.”
- Clearly, he is in a pissy mood. Join the club; I hear they are taking new members.
- “Mom can’t fix your boo boo this time, sweetie.”


Being around Parker Taylor is like walking a tightrope; the feelings of lust and hate come with the sway of my emotions. One foot in front of the other keeps my life balanced until he causes my steps to falter. One day, I hate his perfect self, and the next, I want to have his babies. He’s a bad habit I can’t allow myself to become addicted to …


Being around Kelsey Whitten makes my blood rush and not only south. One minute, I’m pushing her up on the bathroom counter, and the next, she’s cussing at me from those sweet lips of hers. One taste from her smart mouth and I'm sign-me-up-for-a-twelve-step-program addicted. She’s habit-forming and that doesn’t work for me …



Craving You (TBX #2) by Ashley Christin
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5

Kelsey and Parker have one strong addiction...

Craving You picked up right where Break Me left off! All the awesome characters from the first book are back, plus a few more. We learn more secrets, fall in love, run in fear, conquer our dreams and nightmares. What more is needed? And now a bit about the story...

Kelsey has moved in with her best friends boyfriend and his brother. Having a nice house to live in should be way better than the dorms, right? Except when said brother is Parker Taylor. Her body wants him, again. Her mind knows there is no such thing as a happy ever after. It should be perfect, a live in friends with benefits, but she is scared of her cravings.

Favorite passages:
- “Come on, sweetness.” I encourage, not beg. Let’s get that straight. I don’t beg.
- “But I want you to want me just as bad as I want you.” I stare at him, dumbfounded. “I want you to crave me, and I always get what I want.”
- “...there’s more to this world than what’s troubling you. That even though you may feel certain feelings, the world moves on. As gut wrenching as life may sometimes feel, beauty still exists.”
- “Don’t you know two lost people can find each other and make a home?”
- ‘Dark secrets always find light,’
- Brealynn’s knight in shining armor sh¡t is rubbing off thick on me.

I’m Texas proud with the accent to prove it. During the day I wear scrubs as a cape and try to save the world one patient at a time as a nurse. At night, mainly Friday nights, you can find me with a glass of wine faithfully by my side while I type away on the computer.  I seem to get my days and nights mixed up, because my best ideas come around midnight, so I’m a complete night owl. I have a long-term boyfriend who puts up with my crazy and a black lab named Sadie AKA Sadie Lady. In the in-between times of my life, I’m just tryin’ to survive my twenties with beer, good friends and fun adventures!

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