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Wave by Jennifer Foor ~*~*~*~*~ Blog Tour and Review

Wave by Jennifer Foor
Release Date: April 22, 2017

A beautifully interpreted story of perseverance.

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Brian (Baz) Zakins has dreamed of becoming a
pro-surfer since he was a child. At twenty-two, he knows he's running out of time to attract a sponsorship.
Determination. Dedication.
Miley Rose never should have been in the water that afternoon. Tourists have no business swimming in local surfing areas, but there she was, being taken under by a ten foot swell.
What Baz didn't realize was that saving this beautiful woman would have devastating consequences; ones that may potentially rob him of everything he ever wanted.
This is the story of
loss - pain- and finding the courage to continue
when none seems possible.
Find out if love can save a lost soul, or if the majestic waves of the sea will wash away the hope for a new future.


I Heart Books Review

Wave by Jennifer Foor
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5 


What an emotional ride this story has.  It will pull on your heartstrings from start to finish.  In true J4 style there are quite a few comic breaks.  From competition to the sidelines and from depression to purpose, this story has it all!  And now a bit about the story...

Baz has been given a second chance at competing in the surfing circuit.  He is bound and determined to make it this time.  Miley has just lost her mom to Huntington's and found out her boyfriend was using her as a shield.  With nothing left to live for other than homelessness and sky high medical bills, she heads to paradise to end it all.  When Baz and Miley meet he is cocky and confident and she shuts him down.  When he sees her out in the wave too far intuition kicks in and he's determined to save her, but she may just end up saving him...

Favorite passages:
 - It’s like he works all day to keep from losing it, and the second someone from his life steps in he’s far too depressed to consider a recovery. Baz takes one step forward and two steps back.

 - I know she’ll light up the room and make me smile. “No. It’s silly.” Miley shakes her head. “Sorry. When I’m uncomfortable I tend to go off topic.” “You could talk about milking cows on a farm and I’ll hang onto your every word.”

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