Friday, June 2, 2017

Flip My Life by Jennifer Foor ~*~*~*~*~ Release Day Blitz

New From Jennifer Foor — Flip My Life. 

A sweet read about a guy who is good with his hands. 

Order your copy today:

Six years is a long time. People change. Life goes on.
For Elias Hargrove it’s been a time of reflection and growing up. He’d like to think he’s not the same person that walked away from everything, leaving the people closest to him without an explanation. Nonetheless, some reactions are impossible to predict.
Clarke Mayville hasn’t had an easy life. Raised by her elderly grandparents, she fell in love and got pregnant while still in high school. As much as she yearned to get out of town and be something more, life continued to interfere, leaving her a desperate single mother, and broken inside. Finally engaged to a man who could give her everything she needs, a ghost from her past comes walking through the door.
Seeing Elias again isn’t easy. He wasn’t just the guy who broke her heart. He was the beginning of the end. Everything she’s had to fight to keep in her life is a direct result of being involved with him.
As much as Clarke wants to move on, she knows he’s not leaving until he gets what he wants, and her only fear is that she’ll actually allow it to happen.
Flip my Life is a Standalone Romance. 

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