Monday, May 28, 2018

Review: Finding Hawk

Finding Hawk Finding Hawk by Brandy L Rivers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hiding in plain sight...

Fast paced story of magic, evil, and soul mates. The wander and the dependable worrier meet and are instantly drawn. But they are so different, follow along with them as they slowly open up to each other. And now a bit about the story...

Jacinda is searching for answers to the puzzles in his journal. Her search leads her to the Wanatoga Reservation. Chatan, one of the locals, watches as the resident brainless try to abduct her. Using as little power as possible she escapes and find her way to the reservation where the puzzle solving begins. Can she solve them before the person after her, finds her?

Favorite passages:
- An hour passed with her in his arms. He could have sat there forever, but someone would have come looking eventually.
- Chatan never mastered anything useful.

Note: I was given a free copy and voluntarily chose to review this book.

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