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Blog Tour/Guest Post/Author Interview - Suza Kates - The Savannah Coven Series

Today we are delighted to be featuring the author of The Savannah Coven series, Suza Kates! She currently has 6 books published in the series with "Suffering of a Witch” , Book 7, due to be released on October 20th.


Author Guest Post

What’s Your Poison?

Vamps, shifters, mares, mermaids, assassins, demons, and my personal favorite—witches. The list goes on and on, and thankgoodness for that. In the last several years there has been an insurgence of all things paranormal and/or urban fantasy, and if you’re like me, you love it!

Now, I have a confession to make. I didn’t always read PNR and UF. In fact, I wrote the first book of the Savannah Coven Series, “Whisper of a Witch,” before I’d ever read anything from these genres. (Other than Nora Roberts’ supernatural trilogies)

But now… I’m officially hooked. I’m a full-fledged parajunkie.

As I near the close of my Savannah Coven Series, I’m juggling a few different ideas for what will come next. I have a couple of ideas in mind, but I’m curious to know what other readers think. Sometimes I find myself searching for the next awesome author to get hooked on. I read a series I love all the way through the most recent release, and then I have to wait. Sound familiar?

So I’d like to know what elements of the paranormal world you just can’t get enough of? Or…what’s not out there that you’re dying to read? (No pun intended) ; )

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite paranormal or urban fantasy cravings. So tell me, what’s your poison?

Interview with the Author

What is the most important thing about being a writer?

I didn’t know this before my first book was released, but I’ve come to believe respect for readers is crucial. I would not be where I am now without support from fans, and I approach each book with a sense of obligation. Okay, now that sounds pretty heavy, but honestly, I know my job is essentially to give them something they want, and their opinions are the most important thing to me.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere and anything. I only wish I could flesh out and write down my ideas as quickly as they come to me. I might watch a movie about a treasure hunt and decide to add jewels to my witch series, or sometimes as I’m writing a scene, an idea just pops up. I’m okay with having too many ideas, because the opposite would be very bad!

How do you cope if you get a bad review?

At first I would beat myself up for days, but then I learned the number one rule of writing. (For me anyway!) And that is, you can’t please everybody. The number of bad reviews is what I look at, and as long as they are small when compared to the good ones, I feel pretty happy about what I’ve written. I have to admit, my favorite bad reviews are when someone writes that my romance book was too much like a romance!

How do you choose your characters names?

I often choose a name that reflects the character’s personality, orif that’s not necessary, I sift through the Internet or magazines for an idea. Sometimes I make them up, as was the case for Willyn in the Savannah Coven series. I played around with sounds until I got something I liked. If I’m really stuck, I send out a mass text to my friends and family and say help!

Occupational hazards about being a writer?

Well...upper back and shoulder pain! But the second would be the danger of becoming a hermit. Oh, and lack of conversation skills. Ha ha. What? You mean everyone doesn’t want to talk about paranormal TV shows and books all the time?

What book or film character would you say you were most like?

What’s funny is I always identified with Jo from Little Women, even though I didn’t want to write when I was young. I loved her spirit of adventure and that she knew she wasn’t like all the other girls. She was a tomboy, and so was I.

What makes you laugh?

My cats. Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady, but they are hysterical! They all have their own personalities, and I always have stories to tell my husband when he comes home. My cats, and...the show “Bones.” The humor in it always catches me off guard.

Which book has been the hardest to write?

Each one feels hard at a certain point, but my second attempt at a novel took me years to complete. When I wrote She Who is Hidden, I was still playing at the concept of writing, and struggling to keep up with the plot. It was very complicated and probably not the best idea for a novice!

Any hints as to what lies ahead for your characters?

I think the overall outcome for the coven is expected, but I try to make each witch’s story unique and surprising. The next book is Kylie’s, Suffering of a Witch, and I hope to shock the heck out of my readers!

Favourite character?

Oh, that’s a difficult choice. If I’m going with my own characters, I guess I’d have to say Paige from the Savannah Coven. She’s just so blunt and says whatever’s on her mind. Plus, she is no fan of the love stories going on all around her andmakes the most unexpected comments!

Least favourite?


Which character would you like to meet in real life?

I want to meet Shauni, so she can talk to my cats and tell me what they’re really thinking!

Your favourite authors?

Nora Roberts is always a go-to read, but when I’m in the mood for some crime drama, I enjoy Tess Gerritsen and Kathy Reichs. Kresley Cole is a favorite when it comes to paranormal romance. I love to see recurring characters and keep up with how they’re doing after finding the big love. : ) For UF, Jennifer Estep’s Gin Blanco is awesome!

Favourite book right now?

Poison Princess. I don’t always read YA, but I just loved the story! I plan to re-read it, and that is a rare thing.

What genres of books do you read?

Romance, mostly paranormal these days, suspense, and police procedurals. Occasionally I get in the mood for a cozy mystery or adventure novel, but adventures with strong female leads are hard to find. I have a semi-plan in mind to write one myself!

Childhood book?

Little Women. Hands down.

Did you ever dream you would become an author?

No, which makes my life now the biggest surprise! Between you and me, I wanted to be a singer. As it turns out, I’m more of an introvert and a homebody. Planning the excitement is as much fun as actually getting out and doing it. But I enjoy both.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

With a house in the country, or at least being planned or built. I love the outdoors and want to be able to step out my back door to see nothing but green. My front door too!

Random questions -

Favourite colour?

I say it’s blue, but I always decorate with green. It’s so soothing.

Favourite food?

My whole life it’s been pizza. I have to save it for special occasions these days, but I still love that first bite. Hmm. Now I’m hungry.

Best childhood memory?

The Christmas I went into the woods and sawed my own little tree down for my play house. I was seven, and my parents had no idea until I had it decorated.

Best ever purchase? Can be something big or small.

I fell off the video game wagon in 2004. PS3 is my favorite escape from stress, and I refuse to feel guilty about it! : )

Best memory as an adult?

The first time I got good reviews. Having a person enjoy my books is still a kick, every single time.

Is there a person, alive or dead, you dream about meeting if you could?

If I weren’t married, I’d say Eric from “True Blood.” Heh heh.


About The Author

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love books, but two particular memories stay with me. As a young girl I picked up Little Women, read it straight through, and promptly turned to page one to start all over again. The next book I did that with was Mind Hunter by John Douglas, tales about profiling serial killers.

Thus a twisted romantic was born.

Throughout my teenage and young adult years, I read everything from horror to historical romance, yet I never, ever thought of trying to write anything of my own. Write a whole book? Crazy talk.

Then I spent a long, cold winter in a tiny apartment in Germany. My bed was also my living room couch, and I shared it with three cats. After tearing through all the books I had that were written in English, I picked up a pen and opened a door to something I would never have expected to love.

Missing the warmth, the hospitality, and the food of the South, I wrote about those things with a huge dose of family thrown in. I still have a sweet spot in my heart for Southern Moon, but to date, I have not revisited it for submission to my publisher. Time will tell.

As a huge fan of Dan Brown and Nora Roberts, I set off to write a romantic suspense with tons of history-laden backdrops. The She Trilogy is still a work in progress, but only because it was bumped aside by a bunch of sassy witches.

I had an idea about sisters and magic and went to work on the first book of The Savannah Coven Series, Whisper of a Witch. The series is still going strong, and I am grateful every day that I took a chance on paranormal romance, a genre I wasn’t very familiar with and had never actually read before writing it. Now I’m a parajunkie.

I have since joined RWA, and I can’t say enough about this organization. The education and support are unparalleled. I want to say thank you to all of my fellow writers who have offered advice and to my fans who come back for more.

Readers rule!

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  1. I have to say I was hooked on the SCS after I read the first chapter of the first book. That made me purchase other books written my Suza. Her ability to pull you in to the story is amazing! Gone is the stress in my life, gone is the room I am sitting in. I am right there with those witches, fighting right along with them, falling in love (or fighting falling in love :) ) Thank you for this interview Suza, it makes you "real".
    Denys Meade

  2. Wow, Denys, that is so sweet of you to say! I'm so happy you connect with the witches, and I hope you keep enjoying their stories!

  3. Suza was one of the first Indie authors I fell in love with and have been a huge fan ever since always counting down the days to her next book release. Although the SCS will be coming to an end I personally cannot wait to meet the new characters Suza is going to introduce us to. and I still have all of her books on Kindle so once the series is over I can happily start Whisper of a Witch again and reread the serires

    1. I'm getting a little sad too, but I will do my best to fill the next series with people I would like to meet and hang out with. : ) Like the coven.

  4. I like particularly like to read about witches and vampires breaking rules and getting together. A guess it's partly the forbidden love appeal. But love reading about witches and vampires and all the really amazing talents they have. For some reason, my google account is coming up anonomous.

    1. Hi, Amy! I'm a vampire fan too. Just recently discovered the show "The Vampire Diaries." Woo hoo!

    2. Congrats, Amy! You're the winner! Please send me a message either at Facebook or on my website under CONTACT with your mailing address. Thanks for participating!

  5. Thanks to all who commented and stopped by! Winners are chosen using and congratulations to Amy Kincade. Be sure to follow my blog tour for ore chances to win !