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New Release/Review - Personal Experiences by Tracy Lee


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Elleny Barker and Trevor McHale have loved each other since the second grade. Growing up in a small Georgia town, they had the same group of friends and they all had dreams of leaving Richland. Elle’s life was perfect; going to the perfect college, had the perfect life plan of becoming a doctor and had the perfect boyfriend going to college on a full ride football scholarship. Until the day Elle’s life was turned upside down; making a decision that she thought would be the best for both her and Trevor, she turned to the one man she thought would be willing to help her, Trevor’s best friend, Willie “Bear” Jackson. Seventeen years later; Elleny ,is a changed woman,and it's not a good change. She has locked her heart away and refuses to give it to anyone. Then it happened, a millionaire, whose company just bought out the local plant where Elle’s husband is a foreman moves into town; or should I say BACK into town; turns out that it’s Trevor McHale. Secrets have kept them apart for seventeen years; will they end up keeping them apart for the rest of their lives? Life teaches us harsh lessons; Personal Experiences teach us life’s true meaning.



About the Author

Tracy lives with her husband and 4 children in a small town just outside Tulsa, Ok. Originally from Brandon, Florida she was a city girl at heart. Wanting a change of scenery, she packed her kids up and moved to Oklahoma where now she’s seen snow, touched farm animals and has cows in her back yard.

Being a stay at home mom, an avid reader and part-time blogger; she decided to put the three of them together and try her hand at writing and fell in love. In between running kids from band practice to PTO meetings, she enjoys her “me time” working on a little bit of her next book. She thoroughly enjoys head-banging heavy metal and a kickass game of Black Ops.

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Tracy can be found on -

Twitter - https://twitter.com/AuthorTracyLee

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tracylee32

Blog - http://authortracylee.blogspot.com/


Review by Crystal Martin

3.5 Stars

I rate this book 3.5 stars. If you aren't deterred by violence and like graphic, steamy stories this is an excellent read for you. I more than liked the book, but at times it was difficult to get through. This wasn't because of the writing, but because of what was going on in the story. This book is very graphic and Elle's husband is a head case. He is very abusive and the abuse is at a physical level that makes it hard to read at times. You can feel her emotional and physical torment.

The story is about making choices and doing what you think is right for a person. The problem is Elle makes these choices for others and it all blows up in her face. This story is about how making the wrong choices has affected not only herself, but all those that she loves around her. The love she and Trevor share started in second grade and never stops for either of them. Though Elle has been through so much in the seventeen years that they've been apart TJ just might be the man to make her whole again. She feels worthless and tainted and with everything she has been through it's easy to see why.

It's amazing that at the end you actually feel a little badly for Bear. We find out what motivated him to be the way he was. In his sick twisted mind this was his coping. I do wish that we would have found out what made Bear so jealous of TJ though. We never fully find out what prompted him to end up hating his best friend so much. I'm glad it had a happy ending for Elle. After being through so much, she needs a happily ever after.

I don't want to give anything away, this book was a good length at 339 pages on kindle. There are minimal mistakes in it, though it did get hard flipping from the past to the present at times. There was so much going on in present day that some of the flashbacks seemed ill timed and I just wanted to know how things would end up. I liked that it mentioned a lot of the music from this time period. It made it more nostalgic.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.


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