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Fractured Steel by T.J. Loveless ~*~*~*~ Blog Tour and Review

Title: Fractured Steel
Author: T.J. Loveless
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publication Date: February 15, 2014

Karen Barnes’s life is simple, just the way she likes it, surrounded by horses and the mountains of Laramie, Wyoming. She is well aware the longing for adventure can lead to blood and death, a hard lesson taught during her one, and only, tour in Iraq almost a decade ago.

A stranger approaches Karen about boarding a famous horse foaled in her stables, making her instincts go on high alert. She knows for a fact the stallion’s owner would never sell Five Alarm, the US Reining champion worth a hefty ten million dollars. In ten minutes the stranger confirms her worst fears, launching her into weeks of torment at the hands of her kidnappers.

Armed with a spine of steel, she steals a truck and trailer, rescuing another victim, and recovering Five Alarm, but the ordeal is far from over. The kidnapping was a cover up for espionage. Trusted contacts join the fray, and in the end, pay for their loyalty by dying for her safety. Others aren’t so trustworthy, and as the truth is brought to light, she is betrayed yet again.

Safety and freedom come with their own emotional shackles. She had the courage to fight the battle, but can she live with the aftermath of the carnage, or survive the fractures to her mind?


Fractured Steel by T.J. Loveless
Review by Dana Marie
Stars: 5 

This was a pull at your heart strings amazing read.

For those of your that just skim the reviews let me just start off by saying I loved this book. The author put great effort into this book and it shows with every turn of the page. I’m so glad I was given the chance to read such a great story.

With that said and out of the way for the skimmers… Holy smokes! I loved the story but didn't enjoy some of the content. That doesn't mean it wasn't a great story, because it certainly was. The pain and suffering, both physical and mental, on the people in the book as well as the horses was a little much to bear. However, it is what gets you to the meat of the story which is the strength of the characters and their amazing recovery and healing. 

The characters are awe inspiring. Whether you or a loved one has suffered or dealt with PTSD or are just finding courage to fight whatever battle you have on your plate you are completely connected throughout the book. 

This book received five stars from me and it’s not because it made me swoon, laugh out loud, or blush. It is because I felt hope and was reminded of the strength we all possess inside us to survive. You just need to learn to appreciate and move forward. When there is a will there is always a way. 

Thank you, T.J. Loveless for the amazing read. Good luck with everything past, present, and future.

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