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Love's Suicide by Jennifer Foor ~*~*~*~ Blog Tour, Review & Early Release!


My heart belonged to Branch and Brooks Valentine since we were children, when we were all too naïve to know what that even meant. We didn’t understand that when we became adults, love would change us. I had to make a choice and when I did, it ripped our bond apart. Brooks left town, and he took half of my heart with him. It was difficult, but I coped and planned my future with Branch. I thought I’d made the right decision. I loved him and I always had.

Brooks showed up to be our best man the night before our nuptials. After drinks and too much reminiscing, I ended up in bed with the wrong brother. To avoid the humiliation and the fact that I’d ruined all of our lives, I left Branch and the only family I’d ever known.

That’s where my story should have ended. 

Two years, one beautiful little girl and an abusive marriage later, I was standing there staring at the man that would always hold my heart. 

The only question was…

Would I give it to him

I’m Katy Michaels and this is my story.



Author Bio: 

A Maryland native who spends most of her time 
devising a plan to live off the land on some remote island, where no one will ever find her.

She is a married mother of two kids, who may or may not drive her completely bonkers. In her spare time she enjoys shooting pool, camping and spending time with friends and family.

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Please note this book was released early, so while some teasers say available March 6th, the book is actually available now!

Last but not least, here's what I thought about it!


Love's Suicide by Jennifer FoorReview by Theresa EsterlineStars: 5 

You'll fall in LOVE with the Love's Suicide cast! 

OMG! This book has SO much emotion in it. I don't think 5 stars is enough... I'm torn between wanting more and being worried of what trouble the Valentines could get into next... 

I knew when the date on the date on the prologue was September 11th, 2001 it was going to be sad. But I had no idea how sad and how fast. When you have tears running down your face and you are still in the prologue, you know the author has hit a home run! I was already so invested in the characters and it had just begun. I was so heart broken and happy and heart broken and happy for Katy (repetition intended). If you are going to read this in public be sure to have something to wipe your face and blow your nose! As the story progresses over the next 12 years there are many ups and downs, twists and turns, communication failures - as needed in any good romance ;) I have fallen so hard for Brooks. His selflessness is an attribute not seen as often as it should be these days! And now a bit about the story ...

Katy has grown up next to and with twins Branch and Brooks her whole lives. Their parents are best friends and neighbors. So who better share your first kiss with than your best friends? The next morning Katy is sure her mom knows something is up as she drives them to school. But before her mom can discuss it with her that night both her parents are at the Pentagon and are killed in the terrorist attack on 9/11/01. Katy's parents had planned for the worst and the Valentines (the twins parents) took Katy in. As they matured the first kiss feelings at 12 had grown and she found herself loving both brothers. Now comes the hard part - choosing. Follow Katy, Branch and Brooks on this loving and heartbreaking journey of love, betrayal, birth, abuse, death, and more! 

Favorite passages:
- How I'd let myself fall for two brothers was beyond me.
- Just like B learning something new, I had to learn to take baby steps. I had to be patient and kind if I wanted this to all work out.
- If you fall, I'll catch you. I always have and always will.- "Never thank me for taking care of you. I was put on this earth to do it and you know it, too."
- Look, life isn't always wonderful. There are ugly parts. You know that more than anyone. What you do with those ugly parts is what makes you the woman you are.

Until next time <3 ~Theresa

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