Monday, October 12, 2015

Dark Blue (South Island PD #1) by Ranae Rose ~*~*~*~*~*~ Series Launch Week Blitz, Review & Giveaway

If Belle is going to get a speeding ticket, it might as well be written by the hottest cop South Island has ever seen. But Officer Jackson Calder isn't just a daydream in blue, he's the first man she ever slept with, and the only one she doesn't regret.

One routine traffic stop, and Jackson's past is back to haunt him in the most bittersweet way imaginable. Too good for him and too good to forget, Belle became a fantasy after she left the island. Now that she's home for good in the Lowcountry, she's a living, breathing temptation he can't resist.

He was her first, but that was just the beginning. It's being the last that counts.

Book 1 in the South Island PD Series.
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ABOUT RANAE: I write what I know and love: adult romance with blue-collar heroes and real-life flavor. Tattoos, handcuffs and men in uniform are a few of my favorite things, and it shows in my thirty+ published books.

I live in the South with my man in uniform, who I married for the entertainment value. Just kidding – it was the handcuffs true love. So far, our happily ever after includes a couple kids, German Shepherd dogs and a mutual appreciation of timely ‘that’s what she said’ jokes.

When I’m not writing, I love reading, good coffee, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and whatever outdoor adventures I can find.

I also love hearing from readers, so don’t be shy!

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Dark Blue (South Island PD #1) by Ranae Rose
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5 

Roses are red, violets are blue, this stalker loves green and even blue too...

Awesome new series by Ranae!! It takes place at one of my favorite locations, a warm ocean beach island :) There are hot and sexy men in uniform and a few creeps too! And now a bit about the story...

Belle has decided to return home, South Island is a paradise, why not live there year round again! Now that she has big city experience she was able to get a good job in her field. With all that experience though, she forgot about speed traps, and was pulled over just after crossing the bridge to the island. At least the cop was hot, but why did he sound familiar? And how could he know she got a ticket at 17? He wasn't old enough to be working then... But why he takes his sunglasses off it comes back to her, Jackson ... the one man no one else has measured up to. Wonder if writing her a ticket will give him negative points. Of course slowing down may just save her life someday...

Favorite passages:
- If she had to get pulled over, it might as well be by a hot cop. Silver linings and all that.
- Why did the right thing always feel so miserable?
- “By the time you realize what I smell like when I get home after twelve hours of sweating in Kevlar, it’ll be too late.”
- “You can’t answer phones or type, so unless you can use your feet like hands, I suggest you take the rest of the day off. You can make up the hours later.”
- “Be what you can for who you can.”
- It was like panning for gold – if gold was sea blue Chantilly lace.
- He didn’t agree, but he didn’t argue.


  1. I come from a family of policemen and I have always loved seeing the men in their uniforms made us all proud. Policemen in their uniforms are hawt!!

    cmucha319 AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Any authoritative uniform for me... Military, police, fire, etc!! Or as they are only half in it ;)