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Tempting Scrooge Anthology (12 Hot Scrooges * 12 Amazing Stories * 12 Days of Christmas) ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway

12 Hot Scrooges 12 Amazing Stories * 12 Days of Christmas
Kaithlin Shepherd - V. Cantrell - Katherine May - Mari Brown - Amy McClung - Becca Lee 
Lola Stark - Debra Elisa - Vanessa Morse - Ann Grech - K.D. Robichaux - Danielle Jamie

Sometimes hot alphas struggle to get into the festive spirit, but holidays offer the perfect opportunity to tempt Scrooge. Join 12 amazing authors and fall in love with their 12 Scrooges.

There's never a more perfect time than today to be swept away in sweet kisses and tempting caresses.

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Tempting Scrooge Anthology
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5 

I've read thru half of these scrooge stories... I was surprised to find the man was not always the grinch ;)  As I sit here writing this review I'm in front of our tree we just decorated exited for the upcoming holiday.  I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did and wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!

If I get more time, I'll come back and add additional reviews :)


A Christmas Makeover by Amy McClung -- 5 stars

These two make for one hot and steamy story.  There is so much tension one moment and then even more passion the next.   And now a bit about the story...

Skye is strong willed, a lover of all things Christmas, a recent divorcee, and the owner of a home in desperate need of repair.  Thatch is the red hot handyman any woman would want to hire, also divorced, but based on past experience he hates Christmas.  When these two meet the sparks fly in more than one way.  Can Thatch fix her house or will they burn it to the ground?

Favorite passage: "I'm proud of you for getting back out there. And if hot handyman sex is working for you, then I think it's great."


All Wrapped Up by Lola Stark -- 5 stars

Cute holiday story about regaining your Christmas spirit.  Funny, filed with lots of sex and one bomb dropped in the middle of all the happiness.  And now a bit about the story...

Rory is no longer engaged, her parents died in a car accident years ago, and now she is all alone just days before Christmas.  Deciding to start over she moves across country via plane, a ride that may forever change her life.  Jasper is on the plane next to her, but neither in the mood for conversation.  A little turbulence changes that.  Can one pocket of air move so much and change their lives?

Favorite passage: "You're welcome to stay there," I told her when she still hadn't stood up, "but I can't promise I'll behave myself."


Mistletoe by Vanessa Morse -- 5 stars

I've heard people with their birthday at Christmas time either love it or hate it.  This story is the tale of a Christmas baby who learns to love it again having a Holly Holiday!! Lots of laughs and passion for Holly and Mr. Mistletoe.  And now a bit about the story...

Holly has decided to take her life back! She is going to go out and have a great time until she wakes up with a hottie and can't even remember going home with him.  Is it a disaster waiting to happen or her Christmas wish come true...

Favorite passage: "I'm a tropical Christmas treat. Maybe, you should take me home and unwrap me."


The Christmas Hunt by KD Robichaux -- 4 stars

Quick and fun story about at large family and one grumpy Gus who has a surprise up his sleeve.  And now a bit about the story...

Kayla and Jason are headed to her families house to celebrate Christmas, but her boyfriend has been in a bad mood all day.  Their youngest still doesn't sleep thru the night, but he is being scrooge mcduck!!  Can they make it thru the holidays without killing each other?

Favorite passages:
 - It's an instant way to make me go from happy to stabby in zero minutes flat.
 - I woke up super excited about getting to spend a four-day weekend with my man, and he woke up acting like someone had peed in his Cheerios.


Seducing St. Nick by Danielle Jamie -- 5 stars

Great start to what seems to be a very dramatic hospital romance.  There is lots of comedy, jealousy, and empathy.  And now a bit about the story...

Marina is a nurse in the oncology wing at the children's hospital.  They are getting ready for the annual Christmas party.  She gets roped into being Mrs. Santa Claus and hit on my man whore star quarterback, glared at by fellow nurse who wants all the men to herself, and the unwanted attention of one Dr. Deacon St. Nick.

Favorite passage: The guy had his entire privileged future planned out for him from the moment he flew out of his mother's vagina.


Kiss & Tell by Becca Lee -- 5 stars

Funny story of a small town kissing booth at Christmas time in Australia.  Single mom who was left by her cheating husband 4 years ago has lost her Christmas spirit.  Can one kiss bring it back? And now a bit about the story...

Jenna is put up to manning the kissing booth by her best friend.  When her son, Sam, tells her she will do great because she is beautiful, how can she not agree to kiss for the fund raiser.  But are there rules for a kissing booth?  Can you refuse a kiss?  When Nick shows up she is considering it...

Favorite passages:
 - "So, despite your mild hysteria, you're not running for the hills. I'll take that as a good sign, right?"
 - There went her dancing vagina again. She melted into him and released a content sigh.

A Hot Tree Publishing Anthology

His Christmas Miracle by Kaithlin Shepherd
Presents & Possibilities by V. Cantrell
Seducing Mr. Scrooge by Katherine May
Belle's Christmas Miracle by Mari Brown
A Christmas Makeover by Amy McClung
All Wrapped Up by Lola Stark
Mistletoe & Scrooge by Debra Elise
Mistletoe by Vanessa Morse
A Christmas Wish Come True by Ann Grech
The Christmas Hunt by KD Robichaux
Seducing St. Nick by Danielle Jamie
Kiss & Tell by Becca Lee

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