Monday, December 14, 2015

Wildcard by Missy Johnson *~*~*~*~* Re-Release Blitz

Wildcard by Missy Johnson

He's the definition of player, both on and off the court.
Have you met Ryder? He's hot, he's British and he's used to getting
what he wants. Until he meets Scarlett.


I'm the definition of player. On the court and off.
I'm hot, British, and I take what I want.
And the thing that I want the most?
She's not my type. She lives her life by the rules for her kid.
No dating. Especially not men like me.
What she doesn't know is rules are made to be broken and I'm the king
of breaking them.
But love is like a game. For ever winner, there has to be a loser.

** This is a revised novel adaption of the WILDCARD serial **

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