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Ruthless King (Kings of Rittenhouse #3) by Maya Hughes *~*~*~*~* Release Blitz & Review

Title: Ruthless King
Series: Kings of Rittenhouse #3
Author: Maya Hughes
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: January 10, 2019


My dick never got me in half as much trouble as my heart...

We were high school sweethearts. I was head over heels for her and no one could tell me we weren’t going to last forever. College? Going pro? My family’s money? None of it mattered. She was all I needed.

Then she ripped my heart out. But I’m not going to let that happen again.

She’s back. Invading my life and acting like she was the wronged one. The pain is still there, but I can’t keep my eyes off her. I can’t stop thinking about her and how much was left unsaid between us. Being this close is making me question everything I thought I knew about her.

This time everything will be on my terms. Everything…

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I Heart Books Review 

Ruthless Kings (Kings of Rittenhouse #3) by Maya Hughes
Review by Theresa Esterline 
Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Everything is not always as it seems...

Book three in the Rittenhouse Kings saga, though you can read this standalone and not be lost. If you started from the beginning like I did you had a teaser from the start about Emmett and Avery. And now finally we get the full truth. Strong characters enjoying a last summer together after college graduation, at least for most. And now a bit about the story...

Pro hockey player Emmett and sister, acting as single mom, Avery were high school sweethearts until the big misunderstanding. Only problem is all their friends are friends. So they have to see each other or be left out. It's been four years of avoiding each other and now they are thrown together for a week at the beach house. They will burn the place down for sure, only question is will it be from love or hate?

Favorite passages:
- And then what? I’d be on the outside looking in, a ninth wheel with a new spare at my side every few months.
- “Were you all listening the whole time?” I could feel the scarlet creep along my cheeks. “I mean, not so much listening as unable to shut out the outrageously loud pounding for hours on end.” 

Note: I was given a free copy and voluntarily chose to review this book.

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I Heart Books Review 

Kings of Rittenhouse (Kings of Rittenhouse #0.5) by Maya Hughes
Review by Theresa Esterline 
Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

All the kings horses and all the kings men...

An explosive start to Shameless King, seeing what their high school selves were like. Many characters to keep track of, but the main starts shine thru. And now a bit about the story...

Our characters are still a bit of a mystery. We know they don't have the charmed life the other thinks they have. However we don't know the full story. High strung, former sister who used to have it all battles with preppy hockey player who never has had it.

Favorite passage: It was like a museum had been taken over by a frat party.


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I Heart Books Review 

Shameless King (Kings of Rittenhouse #1) by Maya Hughes
Review by Theresa Esterline 
Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What a difference 4 years makes!!

Be sure to read the free prequel, Kings of Rittenhouse, first. The Kings are back this time as seniors in college.  Mostly based in Philadelphia the story follows the high school jock raised by a single mom and the smarty pants ice queen who has never recovered from her brother's death.  The story flows before your eyes like a movie.  Excited for the others Kings in the series to come out!  And now a bit about the story...

Declan has one more year of school, then he can graduate and join the pros.  Just two things stand in the way 1) his intimidating sperm donor and 2) surprising news that he failed sophomore seminar.  Mak has just got more bad news, her dad has a terminal diagnosis.  She packs up from Standard and heads home, only to end up as the second senior in sophomore seminar.  When they are forced to work together the sparks fly.  Can he focus to get back on the ice? Can she chill and learn to live?

Favorite passages:
 - “What? Making out? It’s something people do, Mak. Please tell me you’re not still a virgin.” She snapped my butt with a kitchen towel. “Mom!” I yelped with my eyes wide.
 - Pop music played in the background , and glasses clinked behind the bar. She would hate trying to study in this place. She loved her den of solitude back in the library where it was so quiet you could hear a mouse fart.
 - “You’re the most prepared and capable person I know. I’m sure you’re already weeks ahead in everything you have to get done.”
 - “Yeah, there’s a certain someone who’s about to know exactly how it feels to have a size ten skate shoved right up their ass.”
 - “There are these things people tell sometimes and they’re called jokes. You might have missed the memo.”
 - When the hell were those two ever going to just hash it out? Fight. Fuck and forgive. Probably never, but this wasn’t the time to get wrapped up in their drama.
 - Seems to me that you probably need to talk it out.” Why does he have to be so infuriatingly right so much of the time?
 - He was the monkey wrench in the order of my life. 

Note: I was given a free copy and voluntarily chose to review this book.


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I Heart Books Review 

Reckless Kings (Kings of Rittenhouse #2) by Maya Hughes
Review by Theresa Esterline 
Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Protective King, even it is kills him...

The Kings are back for the final season, at least for most of them.  While you can read this story standalone and not be lost, if you want to join the team from the beginning I would start with Kings of Rittenhouse.  This story will have you laughing, crying, swooning, and groaning.   And now a bit about the story... 

After fall semester exams and a surprise letter in the mail, Kara needs to blow off some steam.  But she waited to long to make plans and her friends are already on the train to the city.  Never one to not go for it, she heads to the local bar by herself.  Heath and the other Kings are all back together again and taking up half the bar.  While his friends seems to think he is a player, he spends more time on the ice and with his plants that playing the field.  But when his eyes connect with Kara as she walks in, he knows she is different.  After a couple awesome nights they can't keep their hands off each other.  Until Heath has to switch his schedule and then Kara becomes his teacher.  How will the two handle this forbidden relationship?  If they are caught he could be disqualified from playing and it could haunt her career as a teacher the rest of her days.

Favorite Passages:
 - Don’t wait for other people to do your own thing; go for it, even if it was all alone.
 - “Life has a way of blindsiding you when you least expect it.”
 - If you care about someone, you protect them.

Note: I was given a free copy and voluntarily chose to review this book.

Author Bio

Maya Hughes has always loved romance novels. One look at her Kindle is confirmation. She started writing her first romance novel while pregnant with her third child and she hasn’t looked back. Now, her romance writing addiction has replaced her romance reading addiction.

You can find her writing on her foldable keyboard and phone anytime inspiration strikes. Her sweet and steamy stories range from rockstars to small towns and everything in between. When she’s not writing, she’s playing with her three kids, running errands or vegging on the couch with the love of her life and biggest fan, her husband.

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