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Blog Tour - Bound To Me by Jeannette Medina


Today's post is about a book written by someone very close to all of us on the team at IHB, our very own Jeannette! Those who have already read it will know the story, and for those who haven't read it perhaps you will learn a bit more reading this post. Hopefully it will persuade you to buy it too!




A girl with nothing else to lose.

A life that's brought nothing but pain.

A tattoo that's more than what it seems.


Eighteen-year old Veronica has had enough. Her alcoholic mother has only delivered a slew of abusive step-fathers and life is only getting harder. What was to be a simple tattoo for her birthday brings more than she ever imagined. Liam is a shape-shifting dragon. He lives on her shoulder, watching her, helping her. Having the dragon come to life and teaching her courage becomes a new lifeline for Veronica. But Liam will eventually become a permanent tattoo on her skin - never to take the shape of the protector she became attached to. Will she embrace her life or will a broken heart shatter her soul forever?



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Review by Kris Pittman

5 out of 5 stars

I have only read one other dragon shifter book before, very different than this one, but I loved them both.

Ronnie comes from a broken home, a product of domestic abuse but she doesn't cling to her role as victim. She often deflects the anger of her step-father from her mother. She is a hero in that sense alone.

Liam is a dragon shifter with little experience guarding a ward of this sort. He is a fierce warrior and blood thirsty. I wont say Ronnie tames him, that is not true, but she helps him grow to learn that there is more to even a dragon than blood lust and war.

Their relationship is not easy and both make mistakes, it was quick and passionate but also sweet and affectionate.


I wont usually post anything that can be viewed as a spoiler but I think this is the one refreshing detail that set this book apart from others!








OK, my spoiler has to do with the ending. Which I absolutely, 100% LOVED! Liam helped Ronnie grow enough that, even though she wanted him, she was not crippled by his leaving. She was strong enough to be alone! How often do you read where the heroine is just ruined, an empty husk, a shell of her former self, when her man leaves? It gets so old. I loved the courage it took Jeannette to NOT give Ronnie what many would perceive as the perfect happy ending. But to me these perfect happy endings are what hold us back from thinking that we have any worth outside of a relationship/couple. She found her worth and wasn't going to shrivel up and die because she was "alone". *GASP* God forbid.

Way to go, Jeannette, for sending the message that it isn't a relationship that makes you worthy of happiness.

Another point made: Domestic abuse is a cycle that can be broken without breaking you first.






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