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Noelle Clark - Author Takeover

Today is Author Takeover over on I Heart Books Facebook page, and here are some highlights from the author Noelle Clark.

Author bio:
Noelle Clark is an Australian author who weaves romance, suspense and adventure into colorful and often exotic locations around the world. Widely traveled, Noelle uses real life experience of places, culture, and people, as a backdrop to her stories, giving the reader an authentic taste of the location. Her novels feature strong, mature, heroines and heroes, who - often without knowing it - are ready for new beginnings. Noelle’s characters, like her, believe that love can be sweet at any age. 

Contact links:
             Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/NoelleClark.Author
       Website  www.noelleclark.net
      Amazon Author Page  http://www.amazon.com/Noelle-Clark/e/B00CENUDLC
      Blog  www.noelleclarkauthor.com

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When Abbie travels to exotic Cambodia, her goal is to find herself again. She also finds that the local people steal her heart, and she enthusiastically responds. But the mysteries of ancient Angkor Wat also captivate her, drawing her into danger and near tragedy. She unwittingly places her new friend, Craig, in a life and death situation. Abbie experiences utter joy, deep melancholy, and faces her biggest fears. But she emerges as a stronger and more confident woman, because of it.

Special:  Recipe
This recipe is taken from a book compiled by students at the Green Gecko Project in Cambodia, and showcases authentic Cambodian – or Khmer – cuisine. 100% of the profits from sales of the ‘Nyum Bai Cook Book’ raise money for displaced and at-risk children in Cambodia, and at only US$20, is a real bargain. This book can be purchased online at http://gifts.greengeckoproject.org/products/nyum-bai-cook-book/642/1 and can be shipped anywhere in the world. 

Throughout my book, Let Angels Fly, there are references to the exquisite Khmer cuisine, and the main character, Abbie, enjoys cooking and eating many of the dishes found in the Nyum Bai Cook Book.

Beef Lok Lak                  
Cambodian Beef Lok Lak, or Sach Ko Lok Lak, is a very popular dish in Cambodia and involves 3 separate dishes of a marinade, sauce and a dipping sauce. It is traditionally served with rice and a fried egg on the top. Serves 2.

·         Ingredients
o   2 large prime beef fillets
o   1 medium sized onion
o   2 eggs
o   2 tomatoes
o   3 tablespoons vegetable oil
o   8 teaspoons freshly squeezed lime juice
o   Lettuce (for garnish)
o   2 tablespoons garlic, chopped finely
o   2 tablespoons soy sauce
o   2 tablespoons oyster sauce
o   2 teaspoons salt
o   1 teaspoon pepper
o   ½ teaspoon sugar
o   4 teaspoons black pepper

·         How to prepare
1.      Thinly slice the onion and tomatoes into rings. Garnish each plate with a layer of lettuce, onion and finally place the tomato on top. Place to one side until ready.
2.      To make the marinade, mix together the garlic, soy sauce, and salt & pepper.
3.      Slice the beef fillet into strips, add the marinade and coat. Leave in the fridge to marinate for 10 minutes.
4.      To make the sauce, mix together the oyster sauce, sugar and oil.
5.      Heat a tablespoon of extra oil into a wok or large frying pan. Wait until the oil is hot and add marinated beef. Stir fry until brown, then add the sauce and warm through.
6.      In a separate frying pan, fry two eggs. When eggs are cooked, serve the beef on top of the salad and place one egg on top of each dish.
7.      To make the dipping pepper sauce, mix together the black pepper, 1 teaspoon salt, and lime juice. Place in small dish for dipping.
8.      Serve with either steamed rice of French Fries and eat and enjoy. J

First that I have ever had a recipe submitted for Takeover, and it is so awesome! You can plan a new meal around your reading.

Noelle sent us some great pics from Cambodia, which is the setting of the book Let Angels Fly.

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  1. Kris, I'm having such a blast at my Author Takeover with you on I Heart Books. Thanks so much for having me. :-)