Tuesday, August 6, 2013

IHB T-shirt Campaigns

Hey Bookies! If you follow us on Facebook you have most likely seen posts about


In case you haven't seen them here they are in one convenient stop.
The sales of these shirts help fund promotion and giveaways we host on the page.
Currently these are being paid for out of admin pockets.

Find it here!
*Up To 3XL

Find it here!
*Up To 3XL

Only $12
*Up To 3XL

Only $12
*Up To 2XL

Each of these designs has a goal # of shirts that must be reserved, by a certain time, before they will be printed and shipped.
*That goal and time is posted on each individual shirt link.
If the goal is not met you will NOT be charged.
More info can be found here.
They do ship internationally!

Look forward to more designs should these campaigns go well.

We'd appreciate your help in sharing!

Thank you :)

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