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Beautiful Rose by Missy Johnson Release Tour

Beautiful Rose by Missy Johnson

Book #1 in the Beautiful Rose Series/o:p>

Release Day:  October 24, 2013

Jack Falcon is a new man. Three years after he left his life behind in London, Jack finally feels settled. He’s surrounded with everything that is important to him; a great relationship with his brother, Alex, a bar he is about to re-open, and most importantly, he has control of his life and his dreams. He knows he can’t undo the wrongs of his past, but he sure as hell can determine his future. He has worked hard to move forward and nothing is going to undo that.

Until he meets Rose.

Rose Wilson has never felt normal. Since she was a child, Rose has felt nothing but the overwhelming desire to end her life and she has no idea why. We live to die, so what’s the point in living? Rose has pushed the limits in the past, and pushed people away. She can’t figure out why Jack and Alex are so insistent on helping her. Twelve years of therapy has failed to help her, so why should they be any different?

Jack sees just how beautiful and important Rose is, but convincing her of that means putting his heart on the line, something he isn’t sure he can do. He can’t deny his feeling for Rose, but that doesn’t mean he has to act on them. And Jack isn’t the only one developing feelings for Rose.

Before Rose, Jack vowed he would never let himself fall in love again.

Before Rose, he had control.

But sometimes, it’s losing control that makes you really see what’s really important in your life.

Beautiful Rose by Missy Johnson
Reviewer: Kris
4/5 Hearts

When I first read the synopsis I feared this would be a dark book, and was even a little put off. But even though it touches on a very dark subject matter that does not MAKE the book and my initial assessment was off base. In fact it was very funny in parts and relatable.
Does that seem funny? Finding a character that almost constantly thinks of ending her life- relatable. But Rose was just that though. She was sweet and considerate and unsure. Obviously, she was also a little broken.
Jack. Well, I was put off by Jack at first. In the beginning even the promise of a sexy British accent wasn’t going to save him… and then we learn about Jack. BTW, I just found out there is a little prequel (#0.5 Seduced) that I did not read prior, and that would have probably smoothed a lot of things out for me. I’ll be going to read that now, as I have questions.
While their attraction to each other was quick, the relationship took time, which I appreciated. They not only dealt with their individual misgivings about being in a relationship but also outside obstacles that stood in their way. There were a lot of family issues on both sides which really explained a great deal.
In the end I wasn’t pleasantly surprised by how offhandedly uplifting the book was. Maybe that was the author’s purpose but it came across as organic and not forced.

Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she's a cat, a cat who thinks he's a get the picture).

When she's not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

#0.5 Seduce
#1 Beautiful Rose



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