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Title: His Ever After (Love Square #2)
Author: Jessica Ingro
Release Date: October 29, 2013
Genre: Contemporary / Erotic Romance
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All is fair in love and war.

Jacob Matthews learned that lesson the hard way when he discovered just how far some people will go to win someone’s heart.

When fate brought Samantha Monroe back into Jacob’s life, he finally started to believe that his world was going to be complete. He loves Sam with the kind of intensity that burns deep and scalds your very soul. But fate had other ideas in mind, forcing him into a life filled with cold touches, long silences and complete misery.

Brooke Dugan had to have Jacob Matthews. It didn’t matter that he was in love with someone else, she always got what she wanted. And what she wanted was Jacob. Brooke vowed that she would stop at nothing until Jacob was tied to her forever… in both life and death.

Find out what happens when lies are revealed and the bitter truth comes out. Hearts will be broken and bonds will be tested.

Everyone is worthy of love – even Jacob, but can he find his happily ever after?

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PG-13 Excerpt – 

“Where is everyone?” I call out as I walk from the kitchen through the living room, finding no little munchkins in there.

“Helloooooo!” Still no noise.

“You can’t hide from me! I’m going to find you!” I continue taunting them as I make my way down the hall. I can hear little giggles coming from behind Grace’s closed door. 

“Shhh! I don’t want him to find us!” Grace whisper-shouts at her sister.

“I am being quiet! You’re the one laughing!” Candace tries to quietly argue back.

“No, you’re not!” Grace states loudly back to Candace this time. I bite my lip to hold back my own laughter. I pause outside the bedroom door and quietly put my hand on the doorknob. 

“Ready or not! I’m going to get you!” I yell, as I bust through the door. Grace shrieks and runs to the left, while Candace attempts to scramble on the floor to the right. 

I grab Candace, while dashing across the room for Grace. We all fall onto the bed laughing. Stuffed bears and Barbie dolls go flying everywhere as we roll around on the bed, their little legs and arms flailing around. The girls struggle to get away while I tickle them as best I can, considering all the squirming they’re doing.

“Stop! Stop! I’m going to pee my pants, Uncle Jacob!” Grace shouts breathlessly and pulls on my hand. And that right there is my cue to stop what I’m doing. I so do not need to take a bath in urine.

Grace runs out into the hall and slams the bathroom door behind her. Candace leans into me and wraps her arms around my waist. I kiss her hair and look over at Kara, who is sitting in a tiny chair in front of a table, set up for a tea party and littered with makeup. She has a wide smile on her face and she’s wiping the tears caused by her laughter.

“You’re so good with them,” she says, looking as though she is thoroughly impressed with my interactions with the girls.

“It’s nothing really. I mean, look how great they are. It’s easy to spend time with them.” I rub Candace’s back, while her head rests on my chest.

“It isn’t nothing. Not many men would get right in and play with them like you do.” She looks out the window muttering, “It’s actually pretty damn sexy.” The last part she said so quietly, I almost didn’t hear her. Well then… Kara thinks I’m sexy. I can feel my ego swelling from her words.

“Hmmm… well that’s good to know.” I wink at her and head over to the table to see what craziness they have going on. It’s not at all because I have the sudden urge to be closer to Kara. Definitely not.

“You want to play tea party with us, Uncle Jacob?” Candace asks and then sits down in the chair across from mine. 

“Sure. I can always go for a nice cup of tea with a couple beautiful girls.”

Grace comes barreling in like her hair is on fire. “Don’t start without me!” She shouts at us. 

I put my arm out to stop her from running into the table and lower her into the chair next to me.

Candace sets the white and pink cups with saucers in front of each of us while Grace prepares the “tea” in her pink pot. She pours us each a cup and we pick them up and pretend to sip our tea. 

“This is the best tea I’ve ever had,” Kara says in between sips.

“I agree.” I pick up a plastic cookie and pretend to chew. “And these cookies are even better. Did you make them yourself?”

“Noooooo! Momma made those!” Grace laughs and picks up her own cookie, looking at me like I’m crazy for even asking the question.

We continue playing tea for a while before the girls turn their attention to the makeup Kara had gotten out for them earlier. I’m beginning to feel hive-ish watching them pick up the different tubes and jars. I have a feeling I know what’s going to happen if I stay in here much longer. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where I’ve worn a feather boa or had some sort of necklace or bracelet dangling from my body. I’ve even played Barbies with my nieces. I mean – I pretended Ken was a secret spy while doing so, because if I’m going to be forced to play with dolls, they better be as cool as James Bond. But never – and I mean never – have I worn makeup and I really don’t want to start now. There are some streaks that are meant to not be broken.

“I think I’m going to head down to the man cave and see what your dad is up to,” I say while making my move towards the door.

“No!” Grace shouts and starts to push me down by my shoulder. “I want you to play dress up with us. Please!”

“Yeah. We hardly ever get to see you anymore. You can’t leave us to go watch TV with Daddy,” Candace adds in with a cute, little pout on her face.

And that’s how I find myself – hook, line and sinker – wearing eye shadow and having glitter dusted on my face. The amount of fun the girls are having is well worth it. The smiles and laughs are priceless in my opinion. As long as it doesn’t leave these four walls, my rep will still be intact. 

“So, how do I look? Hot, right?” The girls just smile big and nod politely. “Maybe you guys should give me a mirror to look at and see for myself.” I reach for the mirror across the table, but Kara gets there before me.

“You have a little smudge, let me just…” Kara trails off while her thumb swipes my temple where I must have eye shadow smeared. Her hand rests on the side of my face, while she gently moves her thumb back and forth. Her eyes look over into mine and you can hear her sharp intake of breath. For several seconds we do nothing but stare at each other. Her blue eyes are like looking up into a bright, cloudless sky. I watch in fascination, as her pupils slowly dilate and fill with desire. Her pink tongue darts out and wets her lips. Without my consent, my body starts leaning towards her. She’s pulling me into her, like a moth being drawn to a flame. Just as I’m about to cover her mouth with my own, Grace and Candace start arguing, effectively breaking the moment. Kara pulls away quickly, stating rather weakly that she needs to make a call before leaving the room.

Shit. What the hell was I about to do? I can still feel the breath from her mouth on mine and her damn blue eyes are burned in my brain. This is not good whatsoever. Haven’t I learned anything from all the shit that’s happened this last year? Keep your tongue in your mouth and your dick in your pants. I just need to keep reminding myself that.

R Rated Excerpt – 

 “I’m going to the ladies’ room,” Simone announces. As she goes to stand, her hand gently squeezes my erection under the table. She leans in and whispers, “Care to join me?”

I give her a subtle nod and watch her ass shimmy towards the restrooms. I adjust myself under the table and stand.

“I’m going to check out the restrooms too.”

“Yeah, I bet you are!” Brad laughs at the obvious fact that I’m about to go get laid.

“You know. I really hoped you two would do more than just fuck. I should have known better.” Sophie shakes her head in mock disgust.

I lean over and kiss her cheek. “I’ll be back,” I say with a wink and head to the ladies’ room. 

Inside a find the place is empty, but for Simone who’s standing in a stall door with a come hither look on her face.

I walk over to her and she pulls me by my shirt into the stall, immediately pushing me against the wall and laying a hot kiss on me.

Never one to take a hot and willing girl for granted, I help her pull my shirt from my jeans and undo my belt. Her long, lithe fingers make expert work of my button and zipper before pushing my jeans down my legs. When her hand reaches into my boxers and wraps around my cock, I clench my teeth to stave off the fact that I’m already ready to explode. It’s been a while and the fact that she pounced on me has me overly excited. 

We continue kissing while she strokes me hard and fast. We are all teeth, tongue and lips. This girl has me so damn hot right now. I lift her skirt up and find tiny, purple thong underwear. I ease the scrap of material to the side and work my fingers into her wetness. She parts her legs slightly, allowing me to plunge my finger into her. My thumb rubs her clit, while my finger pumps in and out, rubbing along her swollen tissues.

I watch as Simone’s head falls back and a load moan leaves her mouth. Her hand tightens on my cock while she strokes me and I clench my ass muscles to stop from coming in her hand.

“I need you to fuck me, Jacob,” she purrs, as I bring her closer to an orgasm. I’m one hundred percent on board with that plan. I reach down and into my pocket to grab a condom from my wallet. I rip the package with my teeth and quickly roll it down my length. I’m painfully hard right now. The thought of being inside a woman again has me teetering close to the edge.

Simone eases her panties down her legs and pushes me down on the closed toilet lid. The cool porcelain sends a shiver down my legs, but does nothing to cool the heat that she has me caught up in. I watch as she straddles me and slowly guides herself down the length of me. When she fully settles, her head falls back and a little moan comes from her. I grip her hips and start raising her up and down my cock slowly, all the while savoring the way her cunt muscles are pulling me in. 

Man, I’ve missed sex.

Simone takes over, riding me faster and harder. I can feel her swelling and becoming tighter around me. I know she’s getting close. Her arms are wrapped around my shoulders and her breath is panting across my lips. I slide my hands over her thighs, feeling her muscles as they move with each rise and fall of her body. My hands rest at the juncture of her legs and thighs, I squeeze her there when her pussy starts fluttering with her impending orgasm. I’m not sure I’m going to last much longer. Her silken heat is too much for me. I want nothing more than to give into the feelings rushing through my body and just pound into her until I explode.

My thumb moves to her clit and puts pressure there, slowly rubbing circles around her little nub. Her whole body tenses and she slams down on my cock, while her pussy squeezes me. I take over the motions and lift her again, pulling her down roughly while my hips surge up. After a few more times, I give into the sensations sliding up and down my spine. My balls are tight and heavy, aching for that release. I close my eyes and ride out how fucking good it feels.

Simone sliding up off me has me opening my eyes again. A satisfied smirk is on her face when she says, “Thanks love. I really needed that.”

I stand and dispose of the condom, pulling my boxers and jeans back up my legs. “Glad I could be of some assistance,” I say while lightly kissing her lips.


His Ever After by Jessica Ingro
Review by Mary Beth
4 out of 5 stars

Do you ever think about your ever after?

Jacob has obsessed with his for the better part of his life but he was projecting it on the wrong person. In Ms. Ingro's first book Love Square we get to read about the hot and toxic relationship between Sam and Jacob through Sam's point of view. They both have the idea of progecting their happiness based on another person instead of themselves. This need drives them both to do regrettable things.

In His Ever After we see part of the original story through Jacob's eyes but there is so much more than just the retelling of their sordid affair. Sometimes it can be a bad thing when there are multiple story lines and point s of view within a story but this story was written beautifully and does not leave the reader left wondering what just happened. I have to admit after the first book I was left with a few questions but they were all answered in this story.

In all honesty I liked Jacob better in the first book getting to read the story though his eyes is not a pretty tale but you really get to know him. So no I was not a fan of his and would have loved to reach through the book and smack some sense into him, at least until he got his head out of his, oh umm I mean his head out of the sand. He finally realizes his mistakes after a whole lot of drama takes place, he hits rock bottom, realizes he'd been duped, had his heart broken again, and pushes Kara away the one person who he truley loves and loves him back. He learns what it takes to make him happy and truly changes to help him achieve his goal.

Will Jacob win Kara back and be there for her when she needs it most? Well you are just going to have to read the second installment of the Love Square Series, and if you haven't read either book go read them you won't be disappointed.

Author Bio:
Jessica is the author of the Love Square series. She grew up in Central New York, where she spends her days as a Security Analyst at an IT consulting company. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and developing ideas for her own stories. Writing is her secret passion that she's been fostering since elementary school, when she wrote her first book about a puppy. It has always been a dream of hers to be able to share her stories with the world.

Jessica currently lives in New York with her husband and three dogs.

Author contact information:
Web – 
Email –
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