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Pieces of Rhys  by L.D. Davis

My name is Lindsey. I like extreme gardening, really good beer, obese cats, and my sexy, hot, delicious, yummy, melt in your mouth coworker Rhys. I don't like rude behavior (especially from obese cats), my abusive ex-husband Gary or his mother, and I don't like to share my toothbrush with even the likes of sex gods like Rhys.

Not too long ago, Rhys suddenly became aware of the fact that I am a real life, breathing and thinking woman. Being full-figured and short, I didn't think this would ever be possible. I mean, he's so hot, and while I'm not at all's just that he's so FINE. Normally, I don't think that male sluts are at all worthy of my attention, but under all of his booty calls and one nighters, Rhys is actually a very decent guy and I tend to forget - or at least forgive - the fact that he's a philanderer (even though the evidence of this is often a little too close for comfort). I know, you think I'm stupid, right? But he seems to really care for me, and I truly believe that there's some dark secret that keeps him from committing to me. So, if he can only give me pieces at a time until the truth is uncovered, so be it.

But will it cost me my heart in the end? Or something even worse?             



Pieces of Rhys by L.D. Davis
Review by Mary Beth
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What would you do?

If you were given the chance to be with the one person you have longed to be with. Even though you know you will only get hurt in the end. Would you take that chance of getting hurt just to have that one experience with them or would you save yourself the grief and heart ache and do nothing?

Lindsey is an intelligent and beautiful fuller figured women who has been through a rough time. She’s had to deal with an abusive husband (Gary) who is now Ex-husband, and self-esteem issues.

Rhys is a handsome charismatic man who does not do commitment. He has a past that he is afraid will dictate his future so he avoids any chance of one. That is until he meets Lindsey, will she break him of this habit or is he to stuck in his ways.

At work she has become slightly stalkerish when it came to Rhys but when the opportunity presented itself to take a change their relationship she has to make a decision. She needs to decide whether to go with the attraction she feels for Rhys even though she knows he won’t commit or keep things friendly between them and only dream of what it would be like. Will she take that leap and take the few pieces of Rhys she can get? Will she fight for more than he is willing to give? Will this break her?

This story was a big bag of emotions for me. I was laughing so hard at time the people around me were looking at me funny, I got angry when Rhys wanted Lindsey to open up and express herself but he told her nothing, I felt crushed right along with Lindsey when things did not go very well, I was shocked and then ecstatic as well.

One of the main reasons why I gave this story only 3 ½ stars was because there were a few times when it felt like I missed something in the story but I guess some of it was assumed and implied never really stated. I was also sad to see it end so quickly because I felt like I was really just getting to know the characters but that is my need for what happened after the ending. Overall I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from this author.

Author Bio
L.D. Davis is the New York Times Bestselling author of the novel Accidentally On Purpose and the novella Pieces of Rhys. L.D. began writing at a very young age with consistent support from teachers and friends. When she was only thirteen years old, she wrote her first romantic novella. A few years later at the age of nineteen, she completed another. Always writing, but never attempting to publish, L.D. left many projects unfinished over the years, but when she was thirty-four years old, she self-published her first full-length novel, Accidentally On Purpose. L.D. is currently working on two more books to go along with Accidentally On Purpose, two more projects to go along with Pieces Of Rhys, and several other novels.

L.D. has a serious addiction to reading, especially contemporary romance novels. She also loves the work of Dean Koontz, Janet Evanovich and classics like Lord Of The Rings and Jane Austen’s novels. She lives in a small East Coast town with her five children and husband.


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