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Permanent Lines by Ashley Wilcox

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On the blog we give one author a spotlight for the day so they can promote new releases, or cover reveals, and blog tours. If we are lucky sometimes we will get together with other bloggers and FB pages and do an awesome giveaway. Today's author is ASHLEY WILCOX!!  So just scroll down so you can get more information not only about Ashley but also her book Permanent Lines.

 Without further ado
Permanent Lines by Ashley Wilcox 


Merrick Drake.

Bartender, dirt bike racer, and far from settling down…until that one race, and that one girl that changed everything.

Amelia Driscoll.

Amelia took Merrick by surprise, bringing out emotions that he never knew existed. Amelia stole his heart…

Only to break it.

When fate puts Merrick and Amelia back together, it doesn’t come without a price- it comes with vengeance, determination, and putting his life on the line for the one he loves.

But, how much is Merrick willing to put on the line to have a future with no reason to hide? In the end, fate will decide...

Who's permanent.


“I can’t believe you own this bar!” Amelia’s eyes had spread open with shock when she stepped out of the taxi next to the curb.

            “You’ve been by here before?”
            “Well, yeah. I’m just a few blocks up,” she had said, speaking the obvious, her smile radiant against her flawless skin.

I couldn’t stop fucking staring. It was like she was an accident I couldn’t look away from; my eyes kept returning to her. I tried not to make it obvious, but she caught me a few times between the train and taxi ride back into the city. She smiled every time. Either she was just a nice ass girl or she could feel it…the connection. It was fucking ridiculous—I didn’t know what it was—some kind of draw, almost like an addiction. Being with her was intoxicating.

            I placed my hand on my heart, acting hurt. “And you never stopped in?”
            Her cheeks flushed an adorable pink as a smile peeked out of the side of her mouth.  She glanced down to the ground, almost seeming embarrassed before she looked back up to answer. “Yeah, I don’t get out much. I guess you could call me a homebody.”

            Though the smile remained on her face as she said it, there was distance in her eyes. They spoke. They spoke of heartache, of a past she wasn’t proud of. I wanted to ask what it was—what shit for life hand she had been dealt. Because through our non-stop conversations, I knew that I had totally misjudged her—she wasn’t the spoiled, rich bitch that I thought she was. Well, she still could be…possibly…but not the whole bitch part—she was far from that. She definitely was shaping out to be the total package actually: hot as hell and super easy to talk to. There wasn’t a second throughout the ride back that we weren’t talking, laughing and stealing quick glances from each other, but on top of everything, she was into dirt biking—what chick could you say was all of that? You couldn’t! Amelia was fucking perfect, one of kind, and if I knew girls the little bit that I did, I’d say that she wasn’t too opposed to me either. She did the whole blushing, bashful, sweet ass grin thing that girls did when they were interested, but on a whole different level. It wasn’t annoying or over the top—it was cute and I think actually shy, and hot as hell at the same time.

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Review from IHB's Jennifer Ballam
Permanent Lines by Ashley Wilcox
Review by Jennifer Ballam
Stars 5...

When I started this book I was not sure what to expect. I really didn't expect what indeed came next. Just so that I don't spoil what is coming I'm not going to reveal too much of the plot, that would just be mean on my part and I'm not mean, not this time anyway!!

Merrick apologises at the beginning of the book (a touch that I loved) for the way that he knows he comes across in the beginning of the book. Indeed the first part of the book I was undecided if I liked him or not!! I've decided now and I love him!

He met and fell for Amelia quickly, I mean the first time he saw her he wondered if a person could really have aqua eyes!! To top it all she likes dirt bike racing, and is good at it too!! Only problem is she doesn't call him, infact she just seems to fall off the face of the planet.

What can you do but move on? But then what happens when fate has other plans?! Revelations are made, is it worth it to keep that girl that you simply cannot keep out of your mind?

Be prepared to have a thrilling ride right up to the end. Go on give it a go! If you can get past Merrick and how he behaves at the beginning then you will be part of a journey that you cannot help but love to be a part of!!
About Ashley Wilcox

Living in Upstate, New York, Ashley Wilcox is happily married to her husband of over six years, and a mommy to two little boys, and one little girl who is expected to be here in March 2013. Through her addiction of reading, Ashley has discovered her passion for writing. She loves reading and writing anything romance. Some books that Ashley is most commonly known for are The Forever Series, Summer Rush, and her latest, Permanent Lines.

To find out more about Ashley and what she is currently working on, please visit her website at
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