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Countermeasure Series Promo Tour & Passion After Dark Blog Tour

Good Morning all!!

So we have an exciting treat for you today.  We have another double feature but with a twist!

 The first feature is with 2 of my FAVORITE Authors;  Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey (but shhhhh don't tell them).  We not only get to revisit the Countermeasure Series we also get to talk to the stars of the book Cassie and Trevor. They also have a pretty cool scavenger hunt going on throughout the week so be sure to check out the other Blogs they are visiting for your chance to win some pretty cool prizes.

Our second feature is a Blog Tour for Passion After Dark by J.A. Melville. So are you ready?  Cause I know I am. Here we go!!

MB here. I am super excited!!  I have Cassandra and Trevor here with me. Have a seat guys, would you like anything to drink?
Cassandra: “A Coke would be lovely.”
Trevor: “Do you have any Rockstar? If not, a Coke will do, thanks.”
MB: Here you go.  Ok let's get to it.  Do you wear boxer or briefs?
Cassandra: “Wow, you cut to the chase.”
MB: *grins*
Trevor: (keeps a straight face while raising an eyebrow) “What, only those two options? You missed commando.”
MB: *Snorts* Ok moving on. So um are you a satisfied?
Cassandra: “Totally.” (Shoots a grin at Trevor) “But when in doubt there is always Cosmo.”
MB: *Laughs* 
Trevor: “Depends on what you are referring to.  Satisfied with our marriage, that’s a definite yes. The rest will come as we find our answers.”
MB: I have no doubt you will get your answers.  Since we asked Trevor  about what he wears or doesn't Cassandra it's your turn.  Lace or nothing at all?
Cassandra: “Lace. Definitely Lace.”
Trevor: “I agree with Cassie. I appreciate every second it takes to unveil her beauty.”
MB: Gah I am so jealous of you right now Cassandra! Ugh.  *sighs* Alright lets make this a little more interesting.  Favorite: Top , Bottom , Wall , Table Go!!
Trevor & Cassandra: (look at each other and answer at the same time) Shower.
MB: *Laughs*  Who is the biggest jerk/bitch you’ve ever come across in your life and why?
Cassandra: “Jeff Dillon. He was a chauvinistic pig who thought women are not capable of achieving what men do. (she flashes a satisfied grin) I showed him he was dead wrong.”
Trevor: “Part of me wants to say Nathan Nelson but Sergei Demidov was a certified psychopath and psycho def trumps jealous partner.”
MB: That it does. I can't even imagine *shivers* Alright next question. What are you attracted to first on the opposite sex?
Cassandra: “I usually notice the eyes, but with Trev it was his cocky attitude and love of life.”
Trevor: “Her mind. Her uncanny attention to detail and perseverance is what drew me first. Her physical aptitudes are secondary to that. A fantastic second might I add.”
MB: I bet it is. Your dancing in the rain what song are you singing out loud?
Cassandra:  (chuckles) “My singing bad. Really bad. If Jessica were here, she probably would have chosen, “It’s Raining Men.”
Trevor: (taps lip) “So many options…If I was in a romantic mood I’d say Led Zepellin’s ‘The Rain Song’”
MB *singing* It's raining men Hal.. Sorry, um great song Trev.  Here's a hard question for ya. Did you turn out the way you expected? The way your parents predicted?
Trevor: “I followed my heart when it came to a career. I do what I love and would never see myself working on anything else even though part of me misses some adventure only achieved through more risky lines of work. As for my parents…I wish I knew.”
MB: It's great that you get to do something you love to do, sadly most people don't.  Cassie?
Cassandra: “To be honest, I’m not sure that I had any expectations on how I would turn out. It just is. I loved my job at the CIA and there is a thrill associated with the type of work we do. As for parent’s predictions, I was raised by my father in the Navy SEAL way. I hope I’ve made him proud.”
MB:  What is your greatest regret?
Cassandra: “That Trevor has never met my mother.”
Trevor: “That I didn’t take time off that fateful fall to go home.”
MB:  I probably already know the answer BUT.....Have you ever cheated or been tempted too?
Cassandra:  “Cheated at what? Vid Games?” (Suddenly it must have dawned on her. Her eyes grow big.)  “You mean cheated on Trevor?” (She reaches for his hand and squeezes it tight.) “That would be a big no way to both.”
Trevor: “It’s an easy and short answer: no. She’s all I want and all I need.”
MB: *sigh* Last question. Have you ever had a one-night stand?
Cassandra: “I was too caught up in work and had little time for relationships until Trevor. There have been a few guys in the past but never just one-night stands.”
Trevor: “Before Cassie, I’d been in relationships. Some long term, some short term. Some ended in good friendships and some didn’t but none was ever a callous encounter.”
MB:  Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today!  I can't wait to see what is in store for you next!!
Trevor: “Thank you for having us both here today. We hope to visit again in the future.”


Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey -
Countermeasureseries -
GoodReads Author Pages:


COUNTERMEASURE (with bonus short story UNCHARTED)


COUNTERMEASURE: Bytes of Life Volume I (Anthology with three Bytes of Life - Books 2, 3, and 4)


Title: Passion After Dark
Author: J.A Melville
Genre: Erotica/Paranormal Romance.
Publication Date: November 30, 2013


When Dominick Cavallo first saw Allegra Anderson, he knew instantly that she was the one for him. Unfortunately Allegra Anderson, best selling author of erotica and self confessed clutz, didn't know he even existed. That is about to change.

The night Allegra's house mate Cassie insists she come out clubbing with her is the night that fate intervenes.

From the moment Allegra sees Dominick, she's spellbound by his stunning good looks. His black hair, mesmerising blue eyes and the way he speaks to her has her captivated by him.

The night they meet Dominick disappears and Allegra thinks she will never see him again, but a week later he appears to her when she least expects it and she learns something about him that could change the way she feels about him forever. He is not human, he is vampire.

Dominick is different to the other vampires. He has no desire to live their lifestyle but they are a part of his life and they are not the kind that Allegra wishes to associate with but with the stunningly handsome, but terrifying Fabian as Dominick's sire and him also wanting Allegra for himself, can their relationship survive?

Will they end up driving them apart? Will Allegra be able to come to terms with what Dominick is and when something unexpected happens, that will change who she is forever, can their love survive?

With Allegra's discovery of her newly acquired 'abilities', will she survive those who are threatened by what she has become?

Dominick simply wants the woman he loves by his side for eternity but they have so much against them and with his sire determined to claim Allegra for himself, will it be enough to destroy their relationship?

This is book one of the Passion Series.

Book 2, Fabian's story is coming soon

From my teenage years, all I wanted to do was become a writer one day. Even now as an adult woman with a partner and three children who are not so little anymore, I've always lived with my head in the clouds, a dreamer, often amusing myself with my own imagination.

It might have taken me awhile to finally live my dream, but I did it, my first effort to try and join the many talented writers out there who have kept me entertained with their wonderful stories over the years.

I live in a sleepy country town in Tasmania, Australia with my partner and three children plus our 6 cats, dog, sheep and cattle.

I've had to overcome many emotional obstacles along the way to get to this point and attempting to self publish a book does tend to make a person feel like they've thrown themselves in at the deep end of the pool some what, but here's hoping some of you actually like what I write and save me from drowning in the deep end of the pool as I probably forgot to mention, I can't swim.

Thank you all so much for stopping by!! I hope you added some of these great books to your TBR.

Come back tomorrow whe we get to hang out with another author.  

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  1. Oh my gosh, MB! Love your interview style with Trevor and Cassie. Great questions. I especially like the "location" question. ;-)