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Pandora by Storm Chase ~*~*~*~ Sale, Giveaway & Review

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Pandora by Storm Chase is out and to celebrate there's a Emanar's Charm Bracelet up for grabs as well as books by your favourite authors: Jenn Roseton, SK Logsdon, and Hilary Grossman.

By Storm Chase
Action, spy, romance
Introductory price 99 cents (regular price: $2.99)
There was a loud bang followed by a rattle of sounds. Horrified, Pandora realised it was gunfire. She wriggled round, looking about her in a panic. The barrage of bullets was coming from outside, splintering wood and punching holes in metal. Something exploded, filling the compartment with smoke.
The policeman’s heavy hand was keeping her flat on the bench but she could see white-shirt sitting opposite them had pulled out a gun. He was firing through the window. The sound was deafening.
Pandora Fitchett’s life has taken a bad turn. Very bad.
Treachery lies behind the closed doors of British government’s most secret services, and when Pandora finds herself an innocent victim of a treason plot, she has nowhere left to turn.
At least that’s what she assumes.
Stalked by a ruthlessly logical cyber terrorist who follows her every intimate move, and who then has her kidnapped, she is thrown into a tornado of action-packed and violent world events.
Pandora’s only chance of safety will depend on a man who has no empathy, no sense of justice or obligation. A man who can destroy lives from his laptop.
Who is “Dragon” and why is he feared by so many?

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Pandora by Storm Chase
Review by Wennie Conedy 
Stars: 4

Advanced copy provided in exchange for a review

Kidnapping. Murder. Isolation. Hacking. Redirection. Misdirection. Torture.

Dark themes that a young innocent girl like Pandora suddenly has to contend with. But don't pity her. She doesn't need your pity, nor your comfort. All she needs is Xavier.

Having recently dumped her fiancé, Pandora lands a great job at the Commonwealth House in London, a hot bed of espionage and counter espionage. Her newness and naiveté land her in a very dangerous situation, and she is drugged and kidnapped to locations unknown. She needs a savior and finds one in Xavier. But is he truly her savior? Can she trust him to protect her specially when she finds out that she was kidnapped on his orders?

Cleverly crafted, Pandora is a tale of a young woman's metamorphosis from young and gullible to master negotiator and a partner in a high stakes game of destruction and death. The woman we meet at the start of the story is not the same woman we say goodbye to at the end.
This book is a quick read, but don't let the shortness of the story fool you. Storm Chase manages to tell her whole story, bring to life two disparate characters and pack a lot of action in fifteen quick chapters. I love that this book has a definitive end and I don't have to wait for a sequel.

I enjoyed this book. It reminds me of friends from long ago who operate on the same computer level of genius as Xavier. Let me tell you, nerds and geeks have loads of fun! Trust me on this. And not just the D&D type of fun. The type of fun that would have them streaking across a parking lot ... But I digress. If you want romance, the book has this. If you are looking for action, it has that as well. If you are looking for a high stakes game of bluff where the end result would be the end of people's lives, this is the book for you. Although the hero and heroines of the story are aligned with the dark side, I find myself rooting for them, and hoping that they can survive the high stakes game they are involved in.

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