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Hunger (The Seductors Series Vol. 2) by B.L. Wilde ~*~*~ Blog Tour, Review, Interview, & Giveaway

The Seductors Series Vol. 2
by B.L. Wilde
Cover Design: Jo Matthews
Genre: Romance/Erotica/Suspense 
Expected Release Date: June 6, 2014
Amazon UK

When Jade walked out on Oliver six months ago, she left her heart behind. Little did she know her mission was far from over. Given a new mission—to secure a secret nuclear power core—she’s thrown back into his world and has to earn his trust once more. The only problem is that she’s competing directly with another Seductor that she despises, who has already been on the mission for two months.
Oliver was devastated when he discovered Jade had left him, so he closed himself off to the world, focusing solely on his job. Everything is thrown into chaos when she resurfaces, working for an old friend of his.
Will Jade be able to win Oliver back while fighting her jealously that another Seductor might steal the mission from her? Consumed with love, controlled by a hunger she has never known, can she protect her heart a second time around if Oliver takes her back? 
***Contains mature content meant for 18+ years of age.***


Hunger (The Seductors Series Vol. 2) by B.L. Wilde
Review by Jennifer Ballam
Stars: 5

The premise for this series is one that I have not come across before which makes it unique. With so many romance books flooding the market this is an incredibly good thing! The idea upon reading the blurb for the first book in the series didn’t have me convinced, to me it sounded a lot like high class hooker playing James Bond, which to a certain degree it kind of is, however you cannot help liking the seductors, well most of them anyway, Alicia is definite exception!!

This part of the review contains spoilers for book 1. After Jade has completed her mission from the 1st book and retrieved the blueprint for the nuclear weapon that Oliver’s company was producing she walked away from Oliver. She knows that she loves him but to walk away was the only way she could save him, and possibly herself. That is easier said than done so when Oliver becomes a target for the Seductors again Jade once more has to step into Oliver’s life, something that goes against all the Seductors rules.

I couldn’t wait to see how the pair were going to reconnect after Jade walked away from him at the end of the last book and I really wasn’t disappointed. Oliver I fell in love with in the 1st book and that didn’t change at all in this instalment of their story. What did change in this book was that I actually managed to like Jade. I will be the 1st to admit I kind of hated her after she turned her back on Oliver at the end of book 1. She won me over in this book. Completely.

Alicia is a character that you cannot help but hate, trust me she is a first class… get the idea!! I really want Jade to give her what she truly deserves, a huge, hard slap!! The sex in the book (fanning myself) is as hot as the 1st book but means more as you know they love one another.

I can’t help but worry about the secrets that Jade is keeping from Oliver and being concerned about the clause in her agreement with the Seductors to be able to assume her Jade Gibbs identity and go to Oliver at the end of her contract. You can tell I love the characters the way I worry about them like a friend.

All in all I love the book, the series, the characters and the author even more for writing these books! I cannot wait to see how this mission will pan out and am now waiting with baited breath for the next instalment.

Please note I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Author and Character Interviews:

I am incredibly pleased to be here with not only B.L. Wilde but with Oliver Kirkham and Jade…Gibbs.
(Everyone says hello and shakes hands, me swooning on shaking Oliver’s hand much to Jade’s displeasure!)

I’m going to launch straight into a personal question for you I’m afraid Oliver, how did you feel when Jade walked out on you and what did you do in the time you were apart?
Oliver: That’s okay Jennifer, Jade and I have talked this through. I’m sure she doesn’t mind me talking to you about it.
It was a difficult time for me. At first, I was convinced that she had been kidnapped. It didn’t make any sense after what I had just confessed to her. Then when my uncle brought me the footage of her leaving in the middle of the night, it crushed me. I didn’t move from my master suite for three days, which is so unlike me. Considering I’m a pretty smart man, I just didn’t get it. I understand now, I’d put too much pressure on her, and she ran scared.
Jade: I was partly to blame too, I should have been stronger. I was so stupid.
Oliver: None of that matters now, Beautiful.
Once I realized she had ran, I set about trying to find her. It was wrong, and Jade has scolded me for this, but I put a tracker on her bank account. I needed to know she was safe. Looking back now, I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I was going out of my mind.
I think it took me a month to return back to work fully. My uncle enjoyed taking over the reins a little too much. I needed a distraction and work was the answer. I became much like the man I had been before  Jade—solely focused on my job, using it to block out any feelings. She was always at the back on my mind, though.
B.L.Wilde: Hey, (looking at Oliver and Jade) stop with the doey eyed looks toward each other. We have an interview to do!
Jade & Oliver in unison: Sorry, Bee.

Was it hard to accept Jade back in your life and how did you feel upon seeing her again?
Oliver: After the initial shock of seeing her, no. I knew I wouldn’t be able to let her go again. I love her—that has never changed. I did, however, have to learn to trust her again. I was guarded that first month when she returned.
Jade: You barely touched me in that time. 
Oliver: But I’ve more than made up for it since. (Raises his eyebrows suggestively)
Jade: Behave, or Bee will tell us off again.
Oliver: Trust is a big issue to me. In my position, with all the power I have, it’s important.
So, going back to how I felt when I first saw her again. I thought I was dreaming at first, that perhaps I had finally gone crazy. When you spend so long praying for something to come back and it does, well…it’s hard to explain. I was angry that first night when the realization hit me. I may have used my PA a little to make Jade jealous, which was wrong of me.
Jade: Yes it was!
Oliver: Jade doesn’t like my PA. She’s off sick at the moment. Jade is filling in for her, and doing a much better job, if I’m being honest.
Once I was over the anger of seeing her after so long, I knew what I had to do. I can’t live without her. She’s deep in my soul now. There is no going back for me.

Jade how hard was it for you to walk away from Oliver and were you thinking about seeing him again regardless of everything when you eventually were free to?
Jade: (She looks a little dazed from Oliver’s last answer) Walking away from Oliver was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never been truly in love before—I guess you could say it spooked me.  I’m not the kind of person someone can depend on. I worried that I’d let him down.
Oliver: You could never let me down, Beautiful.  
Jade: You don’t know that for sure, Oliver.
When we were apart, I yearned for him every single day. I’d never known a pain like it. It consumed me. It even haunted my dreams. It would have broken me eventually. I wouldn’t have been able to stay away from him forever, and then fate had a different plan and brought us back together.

Oliver does the line of business that you are in make you wary of forming personal relationships and Jade do you not worry that his line of work will eventually be the reason for you to have to split for good (raising eyebrow at her because I know!)?
Oliver: Definitely, I have many enemies in my line of work.  That was one thing that  my father taught me—to have trust, respect, and love from your partner. I trust Jade with my life. I know she’ll never let me down.
Jade: I don’t like to think about that, but I do  sometimes still worry that I’ll get lost in his world. He’s a very powerful man, and I’m just a small town interior designer. What can I really offer him?
Oliver:  I’ll never let you get lost in my world, Sweetheart. You are my world.
Jade: I’m just being silly…ignore me. It’s just my insecurities showing again. (Oliver and Jade start whispering to each other)

(I turn to B.L. Wilde at this point taking her to one side and asking)

How did you come up with the idea of the Seductors and with Oliver? Should anyone be worried that you base your characters around them!?
B.L.Wilde: LOL, no I never base any of my characters on anyone I know. It all comes from my crazy brain.
The Seductors, well, where do I start? I loved James Bond as a child, and as I got older, I wondered what a female version would be like. Jade was born from that idea. Of course, when you have a feisty female lead, you need a hot dirty talking alpha male, so in comes Oliver. He kind of wrote himself. I have no idea where his dirty mouth came from. ;)
I’ll let you in on a secret, though—my original plan for The Seductors Series was to have a different Seductor for each book, but well, Jade and Oliver’s story kind of expanded as I wrote it, and now they are the main characters for the whole series. But don’t let them know that. They are big-headed enough as it is. ;) 

When do you envisage Jade and Oliver getting their HEA (it is going to happen right), will it be in book 3 or will you make us, and them, wait?
B.L.Wilde:  Devotion does come to a conclusion in a way, but Oliver and Jade have a bit more of their story to tell. After book 3, there will be a novella in a different point of view than Jade’s, then the final book will be out after that. So, that’s four novels and a novella for Jade and Oliver’s story.
I may do a few novella’s from sideline characters in the future, too. I do have a soft spot for Drew and Georgie, but I have other writing projects that will come before that.
The bottom line is that Oliver and Jade will get their HEA in the end. You’ll just have to wait and see when. ;)

“I heard you were back.” I groaned internally as Mario spoke from behind me in the laundry room a little later. “Did Miss S put you on lockdown again?” he mocked.   
“You’re not funny, Mario.” I didn’t even look up at him as I continued to fold my clothes.
“I really thought I’d break you while you were cooped up in here. I was hoping you’d take your frustration out on me.” By the level of his voice, I could tell that he was right behind me. I turned around quickly, pushing his chest before he laid a finger on me.
“How many times do I have to tell you, this isn’t a game? I’m not fucking interested!” I seethed, barging past him. Mario grabbed my waist, trying to pull me toward him.
“Another few weeks and I would have had you. You wouldn’t be a Seductor if you weren’t addicted to sex like me. You’re only holding back because you don’t want to get attached. We’d be good together and you know it. I could give that sweet pussy of yours a real good beating if you just let go.” I lost it, slamming the heel of my shoe hard into his foot. Me get attached to Mario’s cock? I was wrong—this guy was hilarious.  “Oww…you fucking bitch!” he yelled, hopping around while clutching his injured foot. I didn’t even try to hide my snigger as I walked past him. You deserved that, Mario!
I was still chuckling to myself when I bumped into Molly in the hallway.
“Sonia is ready to see you now.” She had a worried look on her face.
“What’s wrong?”
“Alicia came to get you.”
“She’s back? I thought she wasn’t due back for a progress report for another few weeks.” My mind was racing. Why the hell would Alicia come to get me? It didn’t make any sense; Sonia knew I hated her.
“Sonia wanted her back early. I’m not sure things are going too well with the mission.” Molly followed me back to my room. “What if your theory is right and Alicia has been with Oliver these last few months?” I dumped my clean clothes on my bed, trying to compose myself. I was making Molly paranoid now, and that wasn’t good.    
“Why would Oliver become a target again? It doesn’t make any sense. You and Georgie have been telling me that for months.”
“I don’t know, but it all seems a little strange to me.”
“You’re really not helping. You’re supposed to say that I’ve gone crazy. Do you know how ridiculous this all sounds?” I threw my arms up in the air in frustration.   
“Go and see Miss S and finally put your mind at rest. Georgie and I know it’s been eating away at you. You need answers, Jade.”
“I can’t hide anything from you two, can I?” I sighed, grabbing my phone. Molly was right—I couldn’t put it off any longer. I needed to find out what was going on.

Alicia was standing outside Sonia’s office, talking on her phone when I arrived.
“No, really, it was me. I was clearly reading the signs wrong. I can’t apologize enough.” Alicia’s eyes gleamed with smugness when she caught sight of me entering Sonia’s office. What was all that about? “We’ll forget it ever happened. I shouldn’t have crossed my professional boundaries. I don’t want this to come between us…” I didn’t bother to listen to the rest of her conversation as my eyes caught Sonia.
“Jade,” she said as she stood up from behind her desk. That was new. Sonia never stood up for anyone. “You can close the door.” I closed it with a puzzled look on my face. “Alicia doesn’t know I’m bringing you in on this mission yet.” It was a mission! Thank God! No, wait…if Sonia was bringing me in, it could only mean one thing! Damn it!
“The mission involves working with Alicia,” I groaned, taking a seat in front of her desk. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad this is a mission, but do I have to work with her? Can’t someone else do it?”
“Jade, I’m afraid you’re our only hope. I’m about to go against everything I’ve ever done while running the Seductors, but I can’t see any other way around it. Alicia has been on this case for almost two months and has gotten nowhere.”
“You want me to take over Alicia’s mission?” I frowned. Since when had Alicia had a problem seducing a man? Everything started to dawn on me then, and I clutched the arms of my chair tightly.
“I need the two of you to work together. This steal…it’s asking a lot. We aren’t even sure if it exists.” Now Sonia was losing me. “If we secure what we’ve been hired to find, our clients are willing to pay over one hundred million dollars. Maybe even more. There is no real price for it.”  I was sure my mouth fell to the floor. One hundred million dollars? What the hell was the steal? “Jade, I’m asking a lot of you here, but I’ve hit a wall. If Alicia can’t work her magic, it can only mean one thing.” With bated breath, I was hanging on her every word. “He isn’t over you.”

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About B.L. Wilde:
B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories. Supported fully by her husband, she can often be found at her desk working on her next project.
Her journey into the world of erotica began when she started writing online stories over three years ago, and she hasn't looked back since.

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The Seductors Series Vol. 1

Jade has worked as a Seductor in a secret organization for five years now. Her main job? To earn the trust of her targets and secure the object or information her company was hired to steal—by any means necessary. She’s damn good at it, too.
With five years left on her contract, she is handed an assignment that turns her world upside down.
Oliver Kirkham is the attractive, young CEO of Kirkham Industries, a weapons manufacturing company, and is currently in possession of some very important blueprints—blueprints that could change the way war, as we know it, works. He’s extremely focused and doesn’t have time to date, at least until he comes to the rescue of a shy but very alluring Jade Gibbs.
What happens when one night of passion turns into more? Will Jade allow her feelings for Oliver to get in the way of her mission? Or will she do what she was hired to do and secure the steal?
***Contains mature content meant for 18+ years of age.***

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