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Protecting You by S. Donahue ~*~*~*~ Blitz and Review

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Protecting You by S. Donahue
Review by Angela
Stars: 5

This a fast paced new adult, suspense, mystery, romance all rolled up into one exciting read. It can be read as a stand alone book, but it is destined to be a series, so hurry up S. This book does have hawt sexual activities... so readers be warned. This is a emotional book, a lot of heart behind the characters stories, even some tearful parts. Suspense is not the right word to describe this book, I was kept on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. This book has several important characters but the author gives enough details that you are not lost in the story. The main character is Joella and I wish I had half as much guts and confidence she does. She is determined to do her job and does not let anyone get in her way. Brendan the other main character is a sexy, business owner whom is a handful so to speak... but he knows what he wants and he will not stop until he gets it. These two make a fiery combination, a book that you will not want to put down.

This story is about Joella Soriano, an detective that has been busting her chops to advance in her department. She is the one whom jumps in feet first to get the job done, and is not scared to work. She finally gets the promotion she so deserves, a second grade detective, and she is anxious to get to work. She soon learns from her Captain that her first job is to go undercover as a stripper in a club called Hush. gulp! She is to bring down the drug dealers that are working there. She believes she can do this.... well maybe.

Hush is owned by the sexy, doesn't like to take no for an answer, Brenden Kirkpatrick, a long time friend of the Captain of the 12th precinct, Captain Jeremy Weston. The captain and Brenden believe with the help of the undercover detective that they will stop the chaos happening at Hush. They all come to an agreement and the plan is set into action. Upon meeting, Brenden is taken back by Joella. She is a hawt, to say the least. Can he work with her, without falling for the temptress? Joella is all to aware that Brenden is attracted to her, not to say she doesn't feel the same, but her work comes first. Can she complete her job and keep her hands off Brenden?

Brenden soon realizes he is more than attracted to Joella and he is not liking her in the spotlight. Jealous? Absolutely. They don't realize how much both of their lives will change when Joella is put in harms way. Secrets will be exposed, and questions will be answered.

Favorite passages....

"I think you lost something,” I say to Brendan pointing in the direction of the towel.
"She is holding up a piece of something that looks like it would fit my five-year old niece."
"These old ladies must have a kinky past."
"I wanted to pi** myself laughing but I held it in." (some might find the author's word choice offending.)
"Didn't you just give me an ultimatum?”
"I wanted to take her from behind right there."
"Awe gawgeous, that feels so good.”
"Yes you are, superman. Come and show me."

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About S. Donahue

S. Donahue is a Philadelphia based author who penned her romance novel Acquiring Hearts in 2013, which earned her the title Amazon Best-selling Author, and Trusting Hearts in 2014 on an independent basis. She is currently working on the third novel Judging Hearts, set to be released Fall 2014. These books are part of her series titled The Heart Series.
Donahue is also working on a completely new series called The Boston Kirkpatricks. The first book in the series is called Protecting You which released May 2014. The second book in this series is called Locking You and will be released in Fall/Winter 2014. This series shows a different side of Donahue’s work. She decided to give her all and hopes it is very successful.

S. Donahue lives with her husband and their son in the city of Brotherly Love. 

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