Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tag Chaser (Chasers #1) by Kandi Steiner ~*~*~*~*~ 99 cent sale - for a limited time only!



June 16th – June 27th, Kandi and her street team are hosting a first time read/re-read event on Facebook for Tag Chaser. Join them here:

I loved this book and hope you will too!


Tag Chaser (Chasers #1) by Kandi Steiner
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5 

This "chaser" turns into a runner! 

Wonderful story of recovering from betrayal and facing your fears head on ... after a bit of running :) My husband has to travel for work and is sometimes gone 3-4 weeks, I can't even imagine what it would be like if he was deployed. Gone for months at a time fighting for his life and our freedom. Thanks to all those who serve or have family in the service. And now a bit about the book ...
Paisley and McKenzie are best friends and have been for quite a while. Neither of them have settled down yet, even though they graduated from college a few years ago. Tonight they are heading to their favorite bar, where everyone knows their name. As Kenz is ordering, Paisley notices some creep checking her out. She tries to move away from him and somewhat succeeds as they make it to the dance floor. But in no time, Mr. Creepster is grinding up against Kenz, Paisley tells him to get lost so of course he grabs her next. He is revolting, drunk, smells and is hurting her arms, but before she can even decide how to get out of the situation, strong arms wrap around her and pull her from danger. She is mesmerized by the Dreamboat who is about to deck Mr. Creepster, she jumps in before that happens, if they fight he'll get kicked out before she can get to know him. The bouncers remove the creepy drunk and now the fun begins. There is only one problem, Paisley just made a bet with Kenz to stop chasing after military men. Anyone want to bet if the muscular knight in shinning armor is in the service?

Favorite passage: "I think I'm more of a dark knight than a knight in shinning armor."

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