Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Review: Shelter

Shelter Shelter by Jay Crownover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We all need shelter from the storms in our lives!

Romance, remorse, passion, and mystery return in this second getaway novel. The details from the first book are all present to allow this to be read standalone. Set in small town Wyoming where your drive way takes 20 minutes to drive down, the Warner ranch continues as a working ranch along with a very lucrative retreat business. In Retreat, Sutton and Emrys leave things unfinished, but not for long in this wild ride from the hospital to recovery and back again. And now a bit about the story...

Sutton and Emrys went through hell the last time Emrys was in Wyoming, but she is determined to come back and make things right. At the end of Retreat, Sutton demanded she leave his hospital room, his demand was so aggravated you would think he was about to have a heart attack. But the reason he wanted her gone was shame. She hadn't protected her like he should have. At the same time she felt guilty for getting them in the situation. Once the lines of communication open and they reconnect the sparks fly. There is only one problem, people address turning up dead and Sutton is the prime suspect.

Favorite passages:
- I’d always been there for her. Until I hadn’t. I had never let her down before. Until I had. There was no way I could miss the heartbreak and betrayal written all over her face right now. My brothers were right. She needed to be protected from me and that made my gut twist and my injured heart tie itself into knots.
- I found the romantic equivalent of a fixer-upper, and once the rehab was done, I moved on to my next project.
- “Things aren’t always easy; seeing them through to the end is admirable.”
- She offered me the kind of shelter I never knew I needed.
- “I like him the way he is. I don’t need to fix him.”

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