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HEART ON FIRE by Brandy L Rivers ~*~*~*~ Blog Tour, Review & Trailer

Author: Brandy L Rivers
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Standalone novel 
One night to be someone else.
Mila Day had plans. When her lover demands she give up her dreams to be a trophy wife, she leaves. Wanting to forget the wasted years, she ends up at a party in the next state, craving one wild night of abandon. It was exactly what she wanted.

No strings.

No names.

But it’s not exactly what she gets. Six years later, she’s a happy high school teacher with a beautiful daughter she will always Cherish.

No regrets.

Kyle Blake is a fireman who has been burned. He’s happy alone until he hears joyous laughter next door. He finds it hard to resist Mila, and her little girl, who steal his heart.

When pieces of her past surface, she’ll question everything.

Can they survive the truth?

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HEART ON FIRE by Brandy L Rivers
Review by Theresa Esterline
Stars: 5

Leave the mask, the boots and gloves too!

I loved this story. There were so many twists and turns possible, but never the ones I thought would happen did -- Brandy sent us down other paths. I loved that it wasn't predictable. Sometimes people have trouble changing things up, but Brandy wrote this contemporary romance wonderfully. There was intrigue, romance (of course), comedy, tragedy, and even a couple slimy evil villains. In a few short pages she had us hot for the phantom and later we were in love after a chapter. And now a bit about the story...

A few months after dumping her college boyfriend when she wouldn't bend to his will and become his trophy wife, Mila decides to do something wild! She goes to a frat costume party and goes home with the first man she meets, the Phantom of the Opera. She is dressed as the devil, complete with feathered mask to give her the courage to be bold. The devil and phantom keeps their masks on all night and never exchange names. Then Mila wakes early in the morning and sneaks out - not regretting her actions, but only wanting that one night of wild abandon. The story picks back up 6 years later, Mila and Cherish, her 5 year old daughter, have moved to a new town where she will be the high school science teacher. She never gave up on her dreams like her scumbag boyfriend wanted and now she is living them! Her students love her and she loves Cherish, if only she had learned the name of the phantom....

Favorite passages:
- If you have a sweet tooth, you can come over and get a bite.
"I'm only asking for a chance. You'll never find out if I'm different if you don't at least let me try."
- "Do you have cheese? The good cheese, not the yucky kind?" Mila translated, "Good cheese is cheddar. Bad is American."

Brandy L Rivers 

I've always loved books, especially about monsters and magic, so I started writing. I'm working on a prequel and the next few books in the Others of Edenton series, and I have a head full of stories to share.

I'm a stay at home mother with a wonderful husband who lets me write and write to my hearts content.

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  1. <3 thank you for being part of my tour and for the review. It means the world.

    1. As Always ---- it was my pleasure and I LOVED this story!!! <3 Theresa