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Redeemed in Shadows (Shadow Unit #3) by Tigris Eden ~*~*~*~ Blog Tour & Review

Title: Redeemed in Shadows (Shadow Unit #3)
Release Date: October 28, 2014
Genre: PNR:

Sometimes wrongs can be righted and the mistakes of a persons past forgiven.
And sometimes things can go very very wrong…

Gabe,the Harbinger of Death has been Earth-bound for almost two hundred years, his punishment for taking the life of another without cause. He’s been trying to atone ever since, by joining the Shadow Unit and befriending the last man he should. Now, with only two weeks left on his sentence, he prepares to leave the team behind for good-but only after training his replacement.
When the enigmatic Kapua (Xee) Hale appears, tempting his desires, Gabe temporarily forgoes business for a night of pleasure by working her out of his system.
But will one night be enough?
Tensions are high at Shadow Unit headquarters. Loyalties are tested and old debts are called in as the team embarks on a dangerous new mission that exposes Gabriel’s dark past.

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Redeemed in Shadows (Shadow Unit #3) by Tigris Eden
Review by Jennifer Ballam
Stars: 4.5

I am a fan of this author and an even bigger fan of this series. I was really looking forward to this book, I mean it is about the relationship of the angel of death, Gabe. I’m not sure how to sum up how I felt about it upon reading. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Was it what I expected? Yes and no. How to explain…. ermmm……. Lets start with the heroine, Xee. She is not your typical heroine, in looks at least she goes for a different look (pink Mohawk ands tattoos) and it is perhaps this and her.. attitude that make me love her. Oh yeah, and the fact the she likes girls. Well she does until she meets Gabe. Did I forget to mention that she also houses the soul of another being, known as her para-housed.
Gabe in this is a big ass!! He takes a long time to decide that he wants Xee and then when he does… oh boy, break out the fan! Will theirs be a happy ending though? Yes but they really have to go through hell to get there.
There are parts of the story that had me confused. Mainly the parts concerning Gabe’s brethren. I found those parts of the book, for want of a better word, over explained and yet under explained! You’ll understand when you read those parts.
All the characters we have grown to love are there too,, Jes, Draven, Bells, the twins, Dravaggio and Dietrich to name but a few. The story that has run through the previous books continues in this and indeed will continue in the next, Deitrich’s story. I for one will be one of the first in the queue to read it.

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